The USA surpassed Italy as the country with the most deaths from coronavirus with 19,700 fatalities

The US records 19,701 deaths from coronavirus, confirmed the Johns Hopkins Center, which operates the most reliable data center since the pandemic broke out. The figure places it at the top of the tragic ranking of countries affected by the outbreak and displaces Italy from that position that registers 19,468 fatalities.

With 506,188 infected, the United States also leads the number of infections in the world ahead of Spain, where there are 161,852 cases and 16,353 people have lost their lives; followed by Italy with 152,271 infected and 19,468 deceased; and France with 125,942 cases and 13,216 deaths, details the educational center.

At the federal level, the White House had estimated that the coronavirus could leave between 100,000 and 240,000 dead, but this week reduced that projection to 60,000. In total, 42 of the 50 states of the country, in addition to Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia have issued decrees to compel their citizens to stay home, which means that approximately 95% of the US population (about 316 million people) are being held.

New York State, epicenter of the pandemic in U.S, reported today that 783 people died in the state in the last 24 hours. The figure represents slight rebound compared to Friday, the day 777 died. So far, 8,627 have lost their lives in the state following the outbreak. “These are amazing numbers. Behind this number are individuals and families, and untold loss and pain. We cry to all of us who lost because of this virus, ”he said.

The new daily report came minutes after the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, announced the closure of public schools for the rest of the school year, a measure that he described as “painful” but “necessary to save lives”, And in order to continue implementing social distancing and defeat the coronavirus.

The numbers in Italy rise again and the authorities ask for responsibility

Those who died in Italy, the second country with the most deaths in the world, reached 19,468 today, which represents an increase of 619 in the last day and a new increase compared to the 570 new fatalities on Friday. The total number of infections is situated in the 152,271 people -4,694 more registered in the last twenty-four hours-, since the one who was considered “patient 1” in Lombardy on February 21 was detected.

The data supposes a new rebound in the number of new infected with respect to the 3,951 registered on Friday. The number of people currently positive for the coronavirus test in Italy is 100,269, with an increase of 1,996 compared to Friday; Of these, 68,744 are isolated at home with mild symptoms, 28,144 hospitalized and 3,381 in intensive care.

Although infections are rising compared to this Friday, the pressure falls in hospitals with fewer people admitted and especially in intensive care where 116 fewer patients have been registered than yesterday. It also increases the number of cured people who reached 32,534 in today’s bulletin, which means 2,079 fewer sick in a single day.

Experts assure that the contagion curve in Italy is in its flat phase and that it will begin to fall, but that is not yet in sight as the data of today’s count showed after the Italian Government decided yesterday to prolong the containment measures and the closure of non-essential activities until May 3. “The end of the tunnel is still far away. I keep begging: stay home and be careful ”, was the message today from the extraordinary commissioner of the coronavirus emergency in Italy, Domenico Arcuri, on a day in which the deceased and the infected returned to the previous day.

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