The unusual excuses of the “non-essentials” to get out of the sanctions: “My dad is a commissioner”

With the extension of the quarantineAs of July 1, all circulation permits were withdrawn and only essential workers were able to renew them between Monday and Tuesday. Despite everything, this Wednesday many people they got on the bus without authorization and they made excuses to avoid being penalized.

“My dad is a commissioner”, one of the passengers on line 28 told a traffic inspector. The man had to get off the mic because I had the expired permission.

“How do you want me to do if I cannot download it by the application? “, the man questioned the personnel of the Buenos Aires City Police, who warned him that he should return to your home. Not satisfied, he used his dad’s position to try to get out, but they didn’t let him continue.

Another unusual case was that of a passenger who said that I didn’t have a permit because “I was going to buy meat at Mataderos”. Something that is not allowed, since essential purchases must be made in local shops to which you must walk. “It was my fault,” admitted the young man who was notified by the police and warned that the next time they could violate him.

Something similar happened to a man who did I was authorized to work but not to travel by public transport. Since the Government, enabled 14 additional activities at 24 essential but must get to work on their own. So this passenger got off and had to follow his route walking.

A woman and a man, who did carry out essential activities, also had problems because of not having renewed your permit between Monday and Tuesday, as the authorities ordered. The passenger did not understand the new rules and carried out the process on Sunday, reason why it had to return to its house and to return to transact it.

With the new quarantine, the Government look for there to be 200 thousand fewer passengers in public transport, so that extreme controls on income to the City of Buenos Aires and at the main stations of trains, subways and buses were reinforced.

According to information from the Buenos Aires Government, this Wednesday circulation in the City fell by 30%. However, important traffic jams could be seen at the Pueyrredón Bridge, La Noria Bridge, Panamericana and General Paz and at Acceso Oeste.

Public Innovation Secretary Micaela Sánchez Malcolm noted that only 50% of the permits that were in force last week were renewed.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)

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