The surprise of the Argentine who paid a fortune for a day at the beach in Qatar: “It was worth it for the beer”

Mateo Mondolo arrived in Doha from Concordia, Entre Ríos, with much more than the illusion of seeing the Argentine national team in the Qatar World Cup. “We wanted to go around, get to know and find places where they sold beer”he said between laughs.

The young man arrived in the Asian country accompanied by his father and brother. The three did not go unnoticed when they arrived at the West Bay B12, one of the busiest seaside resorts in Qatar for its many curiosities.

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There, as in many other private places, alcohol is sold. Also an entrance fee is charged that costs 70 Qatari riyals ($6600) and it is the security personnel who determine who can enter. The critery? The family bond between people.

Matías with his brother and father at B12 Beach in West Bay (Photo: TN).

The place does not allow the entry of men if they are not accompanied by the same number of women, although the situation changes if a blood relationship prevails between them. “They told us that after noon they tend to become less flexible and perhaps let a man through alone,” Mateo revealed.

The three strategically arranged their lounge chairs to face the Persian Gulf before the sun disappeared. It was the moment they chose to carry out the digestion of a delicious lunch that included six jugs of beer of Mexican origin.

“We know that everything is expensive here, but with what it costs to get a beer in Doha, we had to pay it. We came to the beach, we went in and had a beer, which is the best there is,” Mateo told TN.

The three enjoyed lunch on the beach facing the Persian Gulf (Photo: TN).
The three enjoyed lunch on the beach facing the Persian Gulf (Photo: TN).

And I add: “Between the entrance, and between the drinks and the food we consumed, we spent $105 per person.” Before giving the interview, speaking with his father about the surprise generated by the amount spent by each one ($35,000), he stated: “Worth it for the beer.”

“We are trying to locate the best options here in Qatar, and try to go to a public beach that does not charge you or let you enter with the Hayya Card. And there is also the issue of beer, that we are going to have to get it in hotels or at the Fan Fest”, Mateo completed.

The most chosen menu in the stadiums of Qatar

In Qatar’s stadiums, prices are no different from what other shops charge in various parts of Doha. Eduardo, who traveled with his son from Buenos Aires, told TN: “It’s good to eat here and apart from that it comes out the same as anywhere else. In Argentina we are used to the fact that the field price is higher ”.

A young man eats a snack in the stalls of the Lusail Stadium (Photo: TN).
A young man eats a snack in the stalls of the Lusail Stadium (Photo: TN).

The man bought two waters, two sodas and two hamburgers for himself and his son. PFor the meal, she paid 80 Qatari riyals (40 each), something like 22 dollars. Added to that about four drinks at 10 Qatari riyals each. That is, 11 dollars for them. A total of 33 US currency.

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If Eduardo had consumed only two sodas and two hamburgers – the most purchased menu in Qatari stadiums – he would have paid $27.5 for the combos. Converted into our currency it gives almost $9500.

Written by Argentina News

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