the scenarios evaluated by the Government

One of the Government’s concerns is related to how the educational content is solved for those who are about to finish secondary school.

The Minister of Education of the Nation, Nicolás Trotta, affirmed that the Government does not know at the moment if the face-to-face classes can be dictated again “in June or August”. For this reason, a committee of specialists was created to continue analyzing the issue, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The team is in charge of Gabriela Dicker, Secretary of Evaluation of the Ministry of Education and the pedagogue Graciela Frigerio. Axel Rivas, the new head of the Council for Educational Quality, will also collaborate. In this framework, the experts will consult unions and members of the academic field.

Trotta said: “Any decision that arises has to be agreed. We still do not know if the classroom classes will return in June or August. But the decision on how to continue must have the greatest legitimacy.”

“It will take much more commitment from teachers and management teams. Being more on top of students. It will be necessary to consider that the content that was not given in 2020 is addressed in 2021,” he said.

One of the Government’s concerns is linked to how the educational content is resolved. for those who are about to finish secondary school. In this context, it is analyzed to stretch the school year to February, March and even April 2021. For this purpose, according to Clarín, it will be necessary to postpone the start of universities until May 1.

In addition, in order to avoid crowding of students on public transport, it is analyzed to stagger the return to classes between the primary and secondary levels, whose students would have to return to the classrooms in the second shift.

The decision of the national government will also be linked to the definitions adopted in other countries of the world, which face the same situation as Argentina.

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