The reaction of a teacher to the request of the mothers: “If you want another video, ask your husband that I have already sent many”

The WhatsApp group of the “mamis” of the Inmaculada Concepción school in Lomas de Zamora was revolutionized with the attitude of the third grade mathematics teacher, who decided to share a controversial video where he explains to his students how to do multiplication problems.

The filming that the teacher did Daniela Catelli it was in response to the cataract of messages that she received from the mothers after sending the virtual task, in the midst of the mandatory quarantine for coronavirus.

Hello, ma’am. We did the multiplication and we painted, but it is not entirely clear ”, one of them said. “The same thing happens to me, with addition and subtraction”, added another. “Hello! I join the order “… and so the others were delimiting.

Minutes later, a file came to the chat that unleashed the fury and outrage at the attitude the teacher took in the face of these requests. When executing it, the teacher was seen in the living room of her house talking to the mothers from her cell phone in selfie mode. “Did you guys want the video? Let’s see, moms? Call the boys, ” she said noticeably upset and continued. “I am going to explain the multiplication. Oh! How I miss them! ”, He started saying sarcastically.

And echoing the infinity of messages sent by them, he proceeded to explain in detail with improvised plates of his hand and letter the way of doing the multiplications. “Mom planted three seedlings in three beds, how many seedlings did Mom plant?” she asked a little obfuscated and making use of a false pedagogy.

In the video, which was broadcast by The Austral Opinion, the teacher is seen responding with a somewhat deranged look: Treees, more treees, more treees. Three times three. Three by three, nine” And he reiterated in a mocking and laughing way: “Nine, get inside it rains, understand? Lucky!”.

After explaining another problem in a similar way, Daniela bent down, placed her knees on the floor, brought her face close to the cell phone and asked: “Did you understand? Well, now call her mom. Go, go do the homework that I continue with mommy. ”

In this way, he sent the boys to do “the 40 exercises” he had sent them, according to his own words. And at the end of his presentation he made a comment that unleashed the fury of mothers who could not understand what they were seeing and hearing. They were stunned by his cheeky demeanor.

“I already explained to them. Boys are a light. They understand very fast ”, he said, as if to imply that the problem would not be precisely the boys’. “If you want me to send you another video, ask your husband that I have already sent many” the teacher threw without blushing staring at the camera.

Why did Daniela react like this? That was the question that all the mothers asked themselves in parallel to the WhatsApp group, puzzled by the shocking answer that the teacher had sent. While many thought that some family situation could have affected him during the confinement, the most sympathetic believed that Daniela had had enough of the repeated inquiries that came to her phone since day one of the quarantine.

With the controversy installed and the video viralized, the parents raised a request for explanations to the school. Maybe that was why the teacher decided to download it with a post on her Facebook account.

“That’s how I am. I am Daniella Catelli, teacher. I like to say ‘teacher’ more. I feel like I was born for this, ” He started saying in an emotional letter. “Throughout my career, I have received millions of kisses and hugs, from ‘lady, I love you’, thank you, from ‘I’m going to miss you’, from surprises, gifts and calls from students to whom I gave their medals when they graduated from high school ”, he continued with his story.

“I have 4 children, I live alone with them. Also, I am an actress. Another thing I love to do and I would not change for anything “, revealed, hinting it had been a video made from humor.

“All the time, we prepare things and go up to the groups. More, nowadays, it is necessary to laugh so much and, even for a little while, not to think about the sad reality that crosses us “, he reflected.

“A few days ago I uploaded a video that had many likes, many shared and beautiful comments”, He reviewed referring to the alleged message addressed to the mothers. “The same video offended and angered others. For this reason, I decided to delete it “, Daniela pointed out while doing a mea culpa.

And continued: “We see many similar videos on the networks parodying teachers in their quarantine. Humor is that: parody some real fact. I asked for forgiveness and I do it again because I like to make people laugh and not get angry. But know that that’s how I am. Woman who laughs at herself and that thanks to art, humor and laughter I can say I AM ALIVE! ”.

As happened with the video, the repercussions were not long in coming and there were many more messages of support than criticism. “You are a beautiful woman and humor helps us to develop emotions and intelligence as well. I applaud you again,” said one teacher. And so, others were added: “You’re so cool, Catelli!”

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