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The dollars continue to search for their new equilibrium point and the market wonders if the Government will support its price in the face of a rise.

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01/24/2023 – 10:20 a.m.

After a stable start to the week, the Dolar blue quote this Tuesday without changes to $376 in the caves of downtown Buenos Aires.

In the stock market, the dollar counted with liquidation (CCL) does so at $363.19; while the MEP stands at $352.21.

in the market for official Forex, the retail dollar sells for an average of $191.68.

In the wholesale segment, the US currency is offered at $184.37.

How much is the blue dollar trading today?

The blue dollar operates at $376 for sale now $372 for purchase.

The market wonders if this year the Government will step on the dollar or follow inflation

How financial dollars operate

In the stock market, the dollar counted with liquidation (CCL) is obtained at $363.19; while the MEP does so at $352.21.

What is the official dollar price

The retail dollar It trades an average of $191.68.

In it wholesale segmentthe US currency sits at an average of $184.37.

A) Yes, the dollar with a surcharge of 30% -contemplated in the COUNTRY tax-marks an average of $249.18 per unit, and with the 35% advance on account of the Income Tax on the purchase of foreign currency, to $316.27

Meanwhile, the dollar destined for tourism abroad -and which has a rate of 45%- stands at $335.44, while for purchases over 300 dollars -and which has an additional tax of 25%-, stands at $383.36.

The blue dollar showed an upward trend during January.

The currency gap

Lastly, the exchange gap between the average retail dollar published by the BCRA and the different exchange rates is as follows:

  • Blue: 96%
  • CCL: 89%
  • MEP: 83%

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