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“What is innovative about it is that it departs from the logic of the traditional subsidy” and “put companies to work”, in addition to “stimulating demand a lot”

The Minister of Tourism, Matías Lammens, highlighted this Sunday that the Pre-Trip II Program has already “quintupled the amount sold” compared to the first edition of the plan, noting that it is reaching $ 50,000 million in turnover, when in 2020 the figure was of $ 10,000 million.

In dialogue with radio La Red, the national official described as a measure “absolutely innovative “ the one developed by the Government to promote advance purchase in businesses throughout the tourist chain by granting a credit for 50% of the consumption made.

The national official described the Pre-trip as an “absolutely innovative” measure.

“We sold $ 10,000 million in the first edition, today or tomorrow we will be reaching $ 50,000 million, that is, the amount sold has quintupled,” he said in relation to this second edition.

Positive image

Lammens added that “more than 80% of the people have a positive image of the Pre-trip”, and recalled that it allows the State to “collect twice”, the first with the original purchase and the second when the card with the amount loaded is used, equivalent to 50% of the original consumption.

“What is innovative about it is that it comes out of the logic of the traditional subsidy” and “put companies to work”, in addition to “stimulating demand a lot”, highlighted the Minister of Tourism, and concluded that “what was sold for January and February it’s an extraordinary thing. ”

How much does it cost to rent on the coast

Summer is one step away and everything indicates that the holidays will not be a season of relief for the pocket either. Along with reserves that have not stopped increasing in recent weeks, the main points of the Buenos Aires coast offer rentals at prices in tune with the fluctuation of the exchange rate and the prevailing inflation.

To those rising values, homeowners and real estate companies added payment guidelines that will make what is coming one of the most expensive seasons in recent years.

In keeping with this, a report from the Real Estate Report accessed iProfessional points out that most of the prices in sea destinations are priced at a “blue” dollar value, with owners who in more than one case they only endorse payments with “green bill” or, in any case, they accept card cancellations but applying arbitrary surcharges.

“There are no distinctions that in other times used to make a difference, such as that Ostende and Valeria del Mar were cheaper than Cariló and Pinamar. Now, the entire corridor is priced in the same way. Now, places like Las Toninas, Mar Azul, San Clemente del Tuyú or Santa Teresita, retain their position as the cheapest, “says the work of the consultant.

“Another aspect in common is that most prices are dollarized, which at a time when the blue is totally unstable, only increases the uncertainty, and the final values ​​paid by the tenants, “he adds.

If a typical family – two adults and two minors – is taken as a reference, the average values ​​that are requested for a fortnight corresponding to the month of January range, in the case of houses in Cariló or Pinamar, between $ 2,000 and $ 10,000.

“The calculations are always made according to the value of the blue dollar at the time of the operation. In some cases they accept pesos and in others only dollar bill ‘big face’, a detail that should not be missed “, indicates the monitoring.

Due to the global context of the pandemic, it is expected

Due to the global context of the pandemic, a greater flow of tourists is expected on the Coast.

Consulted by iProfessionalJosé Rozados, CEO of Reporte Inmobiliario, commented on the latter that “the ‘small face’ dollars are no longer received even at a lower price.”

He further argued that the values ​​represent a “‘Argentinian’ cost due to uncertainty“, in addition to pointing out that prices will not remain quiet. The movement of the” blue “will continue to carve between now and summer.

Regarding the guidelines that are being set, that is, payments in dollar “ticket” and additional payments in card cancellations, Rozados said that these are “reactions based on the first positive expectations as a result of the situation of improvement in terms of the pandemic and the need for people to go out and enjoy themselves, due to a psychological effect added to certain greater savings in certain sectors. You have to see if the prices are validated and in what quantity“.

Summer rules

The Real Estate Report report states that “in case of paying by credit card, some providers include a surcharge of up to 35 percent“.

“The area of ​​Cariló, Mar de las Pampas and Pinamar is, beyond the target of its price, one of the most demanded, especially in the matter of houses. In those cases, an option with a capacity of between 4 to 6 people ranges from $ 300 to $ 700 per night in Cariló, from $ 90 to $ 500 per night in Pinamar, and from $ 75 to $ 500 per night in Mar de las Pampas“, precise.

The jump in the dollar triggered the prices of accommodation throughout the Coast.

The jump in the dollar triggered the prices of accommodation throughout the Coast.

“In places like Villa Gesell, Mar del Plata, Santa Teresita and San Clemente del Tuyú, the values ​​start between 76 to 300 dollars per night in the first place, they continue between 35 and 240 per night in ‘La Feliz’, and They range from $ 30 to $ 300 a night in the latter locations, “he adds.

On the other hand, if instead of opting for a house you choose to stay in hotels, in places like Pinamar the value of a three-star accommodation in front of the beach, with a pool and breakfast, reaches 800,000 pesos. The work of the consultant mentions options for two people for 250,000 pesos a week. Already in February, in beach places like Cariló, accommodation for two people for the period, also, of a week, hovering over 100,000 pesos.

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