The preliminary result of the autopsy on Fabián Gutiérrez determined that the former secretary of Cristina Kirchner died of suffocation.

This afternoon, the body of Fabián Gutiérrez, the former secretary of Cristina Kirchner, found dead and buried in a house in the Old Airport neighborhood of El Calafate, an autopsy was performed to reveal the causes of his death. In the last hours, as he was able to confirm infobae From official sources, the preliminary result of that forensic study indicated that Guitiérrez died of suffocation. In addition, it was added, the body presented stab wounds, blows to the head and signs of torture.

The judge in charge of the investigation, Carlos Narvarte, tomorrow will provide more detailed information on the first result that launched the exam.

This afternoon, a few hours after the analysis on the body was completed, the magistrate reported that eThe examination carried out today in the city of Río Gallegos revealed a wound in his neck that could have been produced with a knife, an element that was found in the different raids carried out. “A knife that we found is being analyzed, it had traces of blood,” he told radius 10.

So, as far as I can tell this medium, the body was disfigured, showed signs of torture and had a cut on the neck.

Narvarte He also affirmed that “he gives the impression that he was beaten for a demand for money” and assured: “I do not see a political element that merits the transfer (of the case) to the Federal Justice.”

Furthermore, the magistrate refused to grant the release to the detainees: Facundo and Santiago Zaeta, Facundo Gómez Chávez, and Pedro Monzón. From now on, he has ten days to resolve the procedural situation of the suspects for the crime, according to what he said.

The judge indicated where the former secretary was killed: “In his own house.” And I add: “The four detainees were in that place, However, I still have to analyze all the material found, among these things, the final result of the autopsy. So I denied their request for release. From now on I have 10 days to resolve the procedural situation of the four detainees.

Meanwhile, according to the judge, three of the detainees refused to testify and only Pedro Monzón agreed to speak in court. On this, he revealed that “in principle Facundo Zaeta is located as the material author of the crime.”

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