The platform on which the “homecoming” permit is managed collapsed

After handing over 20,000 permits, the website stopped delivering permits to Argentines who were far from their homes during the forties

The official website launched by the Government to process “the return home” of those Argentines who were stranded in different parts of the country when the total quarantine was decreed, on March 20 last, stopped working after issuing 20 thousand permits during the early morning and tomorrow this Saturday.

“All the driving licenses for today have already been issued. It is important that we take care of each other. Very soon you will be able to go home“they reported from the site.

In this way, the people who now enter find themselves unable to manage this permission to circulate on the routes, at least for a few hours.

The measure, which came into effect this Saturday and will run until April 21, was published in the Official Gazette due to the repeated claim of this sector of the population that was far from home and unable to return before the restrictions implemented by the Ministries of Health, Transport and the Interior.

To obtain this exceptional authorization, those interested must process the affidavit “Certification for Return to Habitual Domicile” from the web. But en the first day of commissioning, the requests exceeded all calculations and the government fears a collapse of the routes.

The Government now alleges that it did not have an exact estimate of how many Argentines the forced quarantine surprised them outside their homes, and that the number of requests submitted in a short period of two hours forced them to suspend the system, at least until the Reports from the Transportation and Security areas indicate that there is no saturation of the routes, according to Infobae.

“There is a cap on permits. Just as we put caps on the granting of permits for those who enter from abroad, we also did it with these people who are inside the country. We did it with air traffic and we will also do it with the terrestrial “, informed to Infobae sources of the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Nation. It should be clarified that the initial resolution did not contain any reference to authorization limits.

Over 20 thousand permits were issued, so that between 80 thousand and 100 thousand people will circulate throughout Argentina taking into account that between 4 and 5 passengers enter by car.“they specified.

Although the resolution issued by the Ministry of Transport did not specify the quotas, as they said, from Innovation they explained to Infobae that “as it is an unprecedented measure, it can change day by day”.

“We are going to evaluate the number of people moving today to establish an analysis of the actual circulation we had. And Based on that we will see how we will continue on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, “they said in the allusion to whether or not they will enable more quotas for the remaining days.

In all cases, people who request it will have to comply with the recommendations and general instructions established by the health and safety authorities as part of the actions to avoid new infections.

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