The pink supermoon is coming: when will it be seen

In the middle of the coronavirus quarantine, this Tuesday night a special phenomenon will be observed in the sky. It’s about the “pink supermoon”, also known as “the flower moon”, “spring moon” or “easter moon”. Will be the biggest and brightest in 2020.

The event will take place during the night of this Tuesday, April 7 and it can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world, although the vision will depend on the weather conditions.

Is named Super moon which is formed by orbiting at the point closest to the Earth, that is, in the perigee. According to experts, the supermoons may appear to have up to 14 percent more their usual size and be up to 30 percent brighter than normal full moons.

In this case, the pink supermoon will be about 357 thousand kilometers from Earth, when the average distance is 384 thousand kilometers.

Why “pink supermoon”?

Despite its name, the moon that can be seen tonight it will not be pink.

The name comes from some flowers that exist in the northern hemisphere – known as pink moss or wild land flox – that are pink and They flourish in boreal spring times.

This moon, which represented the symbol of fertility in nature for ancient peoples, was named in different ways, depending on what the land or water provided at the time of the year when this astronomical phenomenon occurred.

In addition to the stunning image, the April supermoon also marks important religious holidays worldwide. For example, Easter Day is the first Sunday after the phenomena, which in turn coincides with the spring / fall equinox (when the length of daylight is the same as that of night, except at the poles) .

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