“The past present”: the moving videos for the Holocaust Remembrance Day

This Friday, the audiovisual campaign was presented “The present past”, the audiovisual works developed by Lungo Films and Geometry Argentina for March for Argentine Life, in the context of the Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is commemorated April 21.

This 2020, for the first time in 32 years, the traditional March for Life -which brings together young people from 52 countries around the world- in Poland due to the pandemic by COVID-19, so a week of virtual campaigns was organized to remember that 77 years of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and 75 years since the end of the WWII, he commitment to memory and the fight against prejudice, discrimination, bigotry and hatred continue.

In reference to those campaigns, Alejandra Tolcachier, director of March for Argentine Life, said that “the universal objective of the educational program (which leads to the fields of horror in Auschwitz and Birkenau ) is to inspire young people to fight indifference, racism and injustice by witnessing from the Extermination Camps the atrocities of the Shoah (Holocaust) ”.

From the responsibility of educating, Tolcachier proposes “know the past and the horrors committed by Nazism in its quest to strip men, women, boys and girls of their human condition, it is essential to encourage others to build, in the present, a fairer society and, in the future, a better world ”.

For his part, Javier Altholz from Lungo Films, he adds: “We set out to help open communication on this very important issue, beyond the Jewish community. The goal was to speak to everyone. “

In the same tone he referred Karina Aiello, CEO of the Geometry agency: “Today more than ever we must fight for a common future, without discrimination and without intolerance

In addition, he emphasized that “not forgetting this disastrous part of history allows us to learn to finally end acts of hatred.”

The CEO, ended by referring to the current context that “tells us that we must be better people if we want a better world and not forgetting the past is the best way not to repeat in the future

To these statements he adhered Tony Waissmann, CCO of the agency: “Becoming aware of what happened and not forgetting is a job that we should do every day, everyone. Today we are in the midst of a pandemic, where many thousands are dying from a virus, but let’s think that at that time millions died by decision of a few. I hope that this campaign serves at least so that all who see it, remember and become aware of this heinous genocide. ”

The virtual proposal of Marchemos por la Vida Argentina is completed with the campaign “Marching for their Lives”, working together with the Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires and Remember Us to remember Holocaust Day.

In addition, they made a special invitation for each person to write their Virtual Board on the Auschwitz-Birkenau tracks leaving a message in honor of victims and survivors through the International March of the Living global campaign #NeverMeansNever.

Finally, there will be a virtual meeting with the Mario Sinay, educator and pedagogue of the Holocaust, guide of the March for Life Argentina and former director of the Spanish-speaking Department of Yad Vashem. The event will be via Zoom on Thursday, April 23 at 6:30 p.m.

From the Friday, April 24, the postcast can be heard via Spootify #On going, which is accessed from this link.

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