The other pandemic: there were 18 femicides in 23 days of isolation

The gender violence It was one of the biggest concerns that emerged at the time compulsory isolation was decreed and a series of measures were deployed to contain the victims. However, 23 days after quarantine, 18 femicides were counted in Argentina.

According to a report from the Observatory of Gender Violence Now That They See Us, prepared on the basis of an analysis of graphic and digital media from all over the country, A woman was killed every 32 hours between March 20 and April 12. In the last 4 days, there were 5 cases.

“As has been evident, Male violence does not stop in times of pandemic. The women who suffer gender violence mostly live with their aggressor, and therefore the quarantine finds them more exposed: 72% of the femicides that occurred took place in the victim’s home, “the observatory said in the report.

The document also launched a criticism to the press: “Due to the exceptional nature of the scenario we are going through, it is necessary to provide carefully collected data in order to report responsibly and not encourage spectacularity and morbidness, as we observe that this type of media content they grow in moments of social uncertainty. “

The last 10 cases

03/28: The bodies of Cristina Iglesias and her 7-year-old daughter Ada were buried in her home in Monte Chingolo, in Lanús. The woman’s partner and the only person arrested in the case, Abel Romero, first tried to link the double crime to drug trafficking, but later confessed that he had murdered them. Autopsies determined that Iglesias died of at least seven stab wounds after a blow to the head and that the girl had five stab wounds but died of suffocation.

03/28: Leandro Almirón and his daughter Solange, 2 years old, appeared hanging in a tree in the town of Lules, Tucuman. For justice it was a linked femicide followed by suicide, in which the man killed his daughter and then hung himself on the same tree. The day before, the filicide had had an argument with his former partner and the girl’s mother.

03/31: María Florencia Santa Cruz was found hanged on a street in the Buenos Aires town of Tigre. The autopsy ruled out the suicide and established that she was raped and strangled by a third party. As the alleged perpetrator of this rape followed by femicide, Santiago Ezequiel Hernández was detained, who was recorded by security cameras with the victim before the crime.

04/02: Romina Videla died after six days of agony, after having been hospitalized with severe burns in 80% of her body. Her husband, Héctor Carrizo, is detained on charges of femicide.

04/03: María Alejandra Sarmiento was stabbed to death at the door of her home in a settlement in San Miguel de Tucumán by the father of her daughters. The accused, Edmundo Martínez, was detained for femicide. He had previous complaints of gender violence and a perimeter that he raped to commit the crime.

04/04: Estella Florentín was killed by a bullet in the forehead in a farm in the Buenos Aires party of Ayacucho by her partner, José Alberto Urtizbiría, who later committed suicide by shooting herself in the head. At the scene they seized a 22-caliber carbine.

04/06: Another femicide followed by suicide occurred in Escobar’s Buenos Aires party with a Bolivian national marriage. María Yusco was killed by at least five stab wounds by her husband, Jerónimo Cruz, who later committed suicide by sticking the knife in her stomach.

04/09: Soledad Carioli was 23 years old. He died in the Municipal Hospital of Chivilcoy from severe pneumonia. He had entered the health center after noting that he had symptoms compatible with the coronavirus, but when carrying out the corresponding studies, the doctors found that he did not have the disease, but rather injuries due to a beating. Flavio Emiliano Pérez, his partner, is detained.

04/15: Camila Aldana Tarocco, who had been missing since April 4, was found murdered this morning in a field in the Buenos Aires party in Moreno. The body was inside a bag buried 200 meters from the home of her former partner, Ariel Alberto González, who was detained as a suspect in the femicide.

04/16: Hours after Camila Tarocco was found murdered, Olga Verón, mother of four, was strangled while sleeping in her Moreno home. They arrested her husband, Víctor Cáceres.

For assistance in situations of gender-based violence, the telephone number 144 is enabled throughout the country, 24 hours a day and for WhatsApp messages the numbers (+54) 1127716463 / (+54) 1127759047 / (+54) 1127759048 and the mail line144 @

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