The numbers of the real estate market of Córdoba, under the magnifying glass of the specialists

How much does it cost to sell an apartment in Nueva Córdoba? And the same property in other neighborhoods? Why are some areas of Córdoba so paralyzed in sales and under construction? What happens with the commercialization of sheds and large surfaces in the Capital? What is the profile of who currently buys and sells apartments or houses?

These are some questions that will be analyzed and whose answers will be under the magnifying glass of the main specialists in the real estate sector in Córdoba, within the framework of a discussion and debate table that will meet throughout 2023, every two months, to analyze the data. supply and demand in the local market.

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It is an initiative of the portal Classifieds The Voicewhich was born after the pandemic, in the midst of the tremendous shock that caused the rise in the value of the dollar and its impact on all the operations of the activity.

From this vertical of The voice The assembly of real estate data boards began, together with the Cedin, back in 2013, which at that time was chaired by Matías Merguerian, a specialist in real estate data and current director of the consultancy MV Real Estate.

The figures were marking the “north” of the sector, having in hand information as valuable as that collected from the most complete database of the local real estate market, the The Voice Classifieds. This task has a strong additional value marked by the data collection date: no less than since 2011.

The objective of the formation of this new analysis table is to have a better panorama, honesting the supply and demand data, in an economy with continuous ups and downs that makes it impossible for the main players to plan in the long term.

From the first meeting, which took place at the headquarters of The voiceThe first specialists from the city sector participated: Paolo Vieyra, Rafael Alejandro Espeche, Mariana Geimonat, Marcos Alejandro Marchi, Carlos Javier Signorelli, Javier Malbrán, Cristian Daniel González, Franco Paulo Strazza, coordinated by Matías Merguerián and Lucas Delgado. , managers of specialist boards.

The summoned specialists are linked to the commercialization of real estate in the four cardinal points of the Capital, each of them specialized in each area, as well as with a variety of typologies currently in demand in the market.

The twists and turns with the Rental Law, the unstable financial market, the rise in the dollar and even issues of a net social nature, such as insecurity in different sectors of the city, have a direct impact on the real estate sector, so the importance of having fine and updated data will be of vital importance for the real estate public and crucial for decision making.

The database of Classifieds The Voice It was the starting point for arriving at very interesting conclusions from each one of the exhibitors, who were reeling off the “map” of what happens “on the plain”, in the specific operations of the market.

Safety, the priority

The numbers are concrete and reflect an average price difference of 15% to 20% between the supply and demand of the ads that are published. But, in addition, there are other issues that go far beyond data and are linked to social reality.

Anyone looking to buy an apartment or other property to live in, or looking to make an investment, has a priority that is transversal in the four cardinal points of the Capital: greater security. A gated complex, a housinga neighborhood with private security or an apartment building have priority today.

It is not a minor fact, but it is not far from the reality that exists in Córdoba and in a good part of the country. The buyer decides according to the money that he has available to purchase a property and the offers that he can access, always looking for this type of housing that offers him security.

Sector by sector in Córdoba capital

In the middle of the first talk between the specialists, a “pointing” of the main neighborhoods of the Capital and the needs of the market emerged:

New Cordoba. The place par excellence within the real estate market is in a special situation. In the last two months, the demand increased by at least 50%, especially the segment of one and two-bedroom units. However, the closing of operations occurs with 20% less than what is generally requested as the final price. In the case of commercial premises, another strong segment, this difference reaches 40%.

General Peace. Although the differences between supply and demand remain at margins similar to Nueva Córdoba, in this case the profile of the client looking for real estate in this area was analyzed. It is mostly about the Cordovan from the Capital, professional, who wants to escape from the traditional student neighborhood for two reasons: the units are newer and have more square meters.

However, in this neighborhood there is a worrying reality: there are few developments underway, in a neighborhood with an upward trend in demand.

Alberdi. It is recognized as the place where those “who do not reach Nueva Córdoba or General Paz” go, but seek proximity to the city center. The difference between supply and demand remains at the same margins. The client in this sector is, in general, one who is looking for a place to live and establish himself, especially in two-bedroom apartments.

Villa Belgrano and Cerro de las Rosas. In the northern area of ​​the Capital, two realities coexist. On the one hand, a place with potential and effective growth, such as the Villa Belgrano neighborhood, which has not only expanded its commercial offer; In addition, it does the same in terms of housing, with an evident trend of the typology housing. The Cerro de las Rosas is in a very particular situation: an amparo appeal stopped all kinds of new works, there is no demolition permit, nor is there a permit for shops in such a dynamic sector of the city, and this in some way hits the market.

High Cordoba. With a scenario similar to what happens in Alberdi, in this sector of the city the closing prices of operations are generally 15% below what was published.

Other points of the Capital were also analyzed, which are further from the Center and encounter other types of situations, generally linked to the characteristics of the buyers and the lack of interest by those who are looking for a place to live or invest. .

A separate chapter is what is presented on the warehouse and large-area sector: for specialists, this is a key moment for this type of property. The challenge is to think about them and transform them into new projects for residential areas.

What is the objective of this discussion table?

“This new space for specialists in The voice has the objective of working together with all the actors in the world of real estateprofessionals, chambers, professional associations, universities, developers, and investors”, concludes Lucas Delgado, coordinator of the table and head of the portal Classifieds The Voice.

The analysis table will initially meet every two months, with the intention of updating the data and also delving into certain issues raised at this first meeting.

“In a context in which long-term planning seems like a utopia in Argentina, being able to sit down with colleagues to draw up projects and plans to change some things that don’t work today seems like a great opportunity,” agreed the specialists convened by The voice.

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