The judge revealed details of the finding: “The body was buried and wrapped in a sheet.”

Judge Carlos Narvarte, who investigates the Fabián Gutiérrez’s crime, He assured that the body of the former secretary of Cristina Kirchner “Was buried“At the bottom of a house located in the Aeropuerto Viejo neighborhood of El Calafate, “Wrapped in a sheet with a blow to the head and with stab wounds.”

According to the reconstruction of the events, the magistrate stated: “It seems that the incident occurred at Gutiérrez’s home and then he was transferred here in the white van that was also at his home. Due to the weight of the body, and where it was buried, more than one person could have participated ”.

The discovery came this morning after four of those arrested in the case confessed to Judge Narvarte that they had killed him. “The data we had was that it was inside the property but after the search we discovered that it was in that sector outside, in a corner of the land,” he explained.

According to the first data of the investigation, and according to judicial sources, it would be a crime of passion-extortion.

The alleged murderers are between 19 and 23 years old. Apparently, the youngest of them entered into a love relationship with Gutiérrez to earn his trust and thus be able to extort money from him to obtain a financial return.. Together with two accomplices, they had kidnapped the former secretary of Cristina Kirchner, beat him brutally to obtain information, and since they did not obtain what they intended, they would have cut his neck.

“We are facing an unpublished case due to the age of the boys who allegedly participated in the event. That is very striking. There was apparently a deeper friendship between one of the detainees and Gutiérrez, ”said the judge, implying that one of them was the one who committed the crime and the others helped him discard the body.

“We are talking about an aggravated homicide but I will analyze the qualification later. We are talking about a life sentence, “said the judge at a press conference in front of the home where the body was found.

“We estimate that they brought him here without life. There is a person who has injuries on his body and now we have to determine if they are compatible with a fight ”, slipped in magistrate on an alleged resistance offered by the victim before the attack.

During the raid, investigators found a television set belonging to the victim – who was taken from his home – cleaning supplies and a bloodstained sheet.

According to what he could know Infobae, the now defendants who broke before the judge would be Facundo Zaeta (19) -the minor-, another identified as “Juanca ”Monzón and a third surname Gomez. The group is also joined by the arrest of another young man who would be Zaeta’s brother and who was captured while trying to flee in a van. Apparently, this young man was the one who had other elements that he stole from Gutiérrez’s house.

Gutiérrez, the former secretary of Cristina Kirchner who became known after declaring as repentant in the cause of “the bribery notebooks” was intensely sought by the Police in the town of El Calafate. He had been last seen on Thursday.

The investigations were carried out in record time. In addition to the local police, the Technological Support Division -for the analysis of cell phone information- and the Canes Division for the search of people.

A total of five houses were raided, two cars were hijacked and “important elements for the cause” were obtained. In addition, in one of the operations carried out in the area they found the cell phone of the former secretary and one of the windows of the victim’s vehicle was broken. All indications, in addition to the confession, that were leading the judge and the prosecutor Natalia Mercado to the tragic outcome.

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