The insult-ridden release of the trucker “Renolito”: “I am trained to teach everyone how to walk on the road”

The trucker who starred in an accident 90 kilometers from Río Gallegos after filming himself doing dangerous maneuvers on the road, out of control and with a demijohn of wine in hand, appeared to make his release. After the episode that generated outrage, Leonardo “Renolito” Mokfalvi he defended himself with discriminatory words: “I didn’t send a shit … I flipped to avoid colliding head-on with a Chilean of m …”.

“How are you? I’m already in Gallegos. With the truck broken, but not because I screwed up, but because a Chilean from m … got on my head and well, I had to bank to avoid hitting a stick, “said the protagonist of the videos.

In the viralized images, it can be seen that “Renolito” drove without chains on a snowy road, with a demijohn of wine in hand and with a speed that exceeded the allowed speed. The outcome was an accident 90 kilometers from Río Gallegos, around 4 pm on Friday.

“To the kids who thrive on this, the accidents … and everyone who came to steal merchandise before asking if I was missing something, may God bless you, simply,” said the man.

Later, he pointed out against those who criticized him for the episode: “I am fully trained to teach everyone how to walk on the road, is? So, I humbly tell you … the one who uploaded something sucks me … the truth is that I am not interested. If I keep driving or not, you never beat me. “

“To all those who bitched me when I entered Tres Cerros up, who made me horns and who said that I was not going to arrive .. I arrived without chains. You have no experience, I do: 35 years in this “, concluded.

Pablo Carignano, director of the National Road Safety Agency, reported in dialogue with TN that the organism suspended the National Inter-jurisdictional Transport License (LiNTI) of the trucker. In addition, he informed that, in case he wants to recover it, he must submit to a rigorous psychophysical examination.

“Immediately after we became aware of the videos, the agency decided to suspend his professional cargo transportation license. Enough, he doesn’t drive anymore “, Carignano stated. “If you want to do it again, you will have to undergo psychophysical tests,” he added.

The director maintained that the measure aims to protect all citizens and even Mokfalvi himself. “You have to put a brake on that because it can kill someone and him too. It is absolutely crazy,” he said.

“It cannot be said if he was under the influence of any substance because the examinations should have been done at the time. We cannot go back and reconstruct how he was. What we can see from the images is a deep disregard for compliance with the rules “, projection Carignano.

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