The industrialists demand that the tourist holidays be revoked in the face of the coronavirus crisis

The main referents of the industrial sector included in their conversations with the national government a request to review the schedule of holidays for tourism purposes in the face of the crisis that installed the coronavirus and that modified the priorities. The immediate objective is to avoid the long weekend that would start on July 9.

As they entrusted to this medium, the efforts were launched after a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) in which the proposals of different representatives of the productive sector regarding the costs and complications that they would have to face were heard. for the impending long weekend.

Is that the decree 717/2019 published on October 10 of last year in the Official Gazette, established that on March 23, July 10 and December 7 will be “tourist holidays”. However, everything changed with the Covid-19 crisis, for which it is still unknown when tourist activities will be enabled in the country, beyond that in some provinces such as Catamarca, the only one that did not present cases, they were enabled at the level internal,

The urgency of the industrialists now points to what will happen next week, starting from the July 9 holiday, which is set in stone and which, for the time being, would represent the start of another long weekend.

Given this situation, the UIA leaders made a “verbal request” to the Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni, to review the schedule designed last year, under other conditions and economic needs.

“The logistics issue is complicated in a long weekend and many more in these times where the priority is to guarantee supply throughout the country. Obviously, the tourist holiday is meaningless and logistics becomes more expensive that weekend, “argued the businessmen in their approach to the national government.

That request slipped into the constant conversations that the industrialists have with Moroni and with other representatives of the Casa Rosada to analyze what steps should be implemented to reactivate production after the quarantine stoppage and, fundamentally, under the sanitary protocols established to avoid coronavirus infections.

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