The home video of Danna Paola that David Bisbal fell in love with

The Spanish singer David Bisbal surrendered to the vocal charms of Danna Paola and so he showed it in one of his most recent publications.

In past days, the singer of Ave Maria launched a new promotional theme under the name of If you want it, a song that he plays in a duet with the also Spanish Aitana.

As is customary among various celebrities, the launch of said single was accompanied by a challenge in social networks In which the singer challenged whoever wanted to join to interpret the song in a video and hang it on a platform under the hashtag #IfYouWantChallenge

This call was assumed by Danna Paola, who for a couple of years has been closely linked to the Spanish entertainment industry, because due to his participation in the Netflix series Elite, the singer of Notoriety He lived for a period of two years in the European country and made many friends during his stay.

Danna did not resist the challenge and did a voice and guitar performance of the ballad, which was applauded by David Bisbal, who did not hesitate to share it with his Twitter and Instagram.

David Bisbal’s reaction and request for a common theme

“What a beautiful version Danna Paola has made, 1000 thanks for participating in this challenge! Kisses to everyone” and “What a great version of #situlaquiereschallenge by @dannapaola. I personally liked it a lot. Thank you for all the love you are putting into this challenge“Were the messages with which the 40-year-old singer flattered the version of the Mexican theme song.

At clip 38 seconds, the 24-year-old is seen singing with feeling the single included on the album In your plans from the singer from Almería, who moved Bisbal’s fans and even asked a duet for a song.

“Please should consider recording a song together”, “Great voices that would unite great countries, they could do a song from a distance ”,“Nothing better than hearing Dannita’s voice singing a Bisbal song, they should go to the studio together, it would be very cool ”, were some reactions from the fans of both singers.

Danna Paola’s participation in # SiTúLaQuieresChallenge she wasn’t the only one from a celebrity, well the Spanish singers Vanesa Martin, India Martinez and Rozalén they also joined the challenge, in addition to the musicians Sebastián Yatra and Cali the Dandee, contributions that were also praised by the singer from Almería.

The young Mexican artist, who played the student of Las Encinas, Lucrecia Montesinos in the series Elite, specified in the publication of his video that she was challenged by the Brazilian and also singer Paula Fernandes de Sousa through the same social network.

A detail that caught the attention of his followers was that Danna once again wore her Rapunzel braided extensions, a character who herself voiced in the animated film Disney 10 years ago.

A quarantine to experiment

In this period of confinement, Danna Paola has been very active on her social networks, from where he informs his millions of followers how his isolation is happening in his home in Mexico City.

In one of the most recent videos posted by the singer appears “premiering” look, well she wears a black wig that gives her a style never seen before. Said temporary makeover is probably, according to the clues that Danna Paola has left, of an approach to an upcoming project that he keeps secret as a surprise for his followers.

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