The HEALTH problems that forced Pope Francis to suspend his agenda

The health of Pope Francis once again became a matter of concern worldwide. This Friday, surprisingly, the top leader of the Catholic Church suspended his hearing schedule.

Due to a fever, Pope Francis did not receive (anyone) in audience this morning”, explained the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo Bruni, in response to a reporter’s question about why there was no person registered for the daily routine that same day.

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The spokesman did not offer further details about the health of the 86-year-old Roman Catholic leader.

The health of Pope Francis

Francis spent five days in a Rome hospital in late March with bronchitis, but made a quick recovery after an infusion of antibiotics and returned to duty, including a three-day trip to Hungary in late April.

Pope Francis during the meeting with young people last Thursday. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)By: PA

This Thursday afternoon, the images in a meeting near the Vatican with young people showed Francisco fatigued and with obvious signs of fatigue.

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Francis, who became pope 10 years ago, is missing part of a lung that he underwent surgery on as a young man in his native Argentina.

None of the events scheduled for the Pope were canceled and must preside over a Pentecost Mass on Sunday in St. Peter’s Square.

It is still unknown if this Saturday he will resume his obligations or keep the agenda closed looking to recover.

Written by Argentina News

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