The Government confirmed viral circulation of dengue in 13 provinces and chikungunya in five

The Ministry of Health reported on Thursday a increase in viral circulation denguewhich is already registered in 13 jurisdictions, and chikungunya, that was confirmed in five. According to official figures, in the last four weekswere reported 8001 cases of the disease transmitted by the bite of the Aedes aegypt mosquitowith an average of 2000 weekly cases“a value higher than the last two years”.

The portfolio led by Carla Vizzotti specified that so far this year were reported in the country 9388 cases of dengue, of which 8504 acquired the infection in Argentina. Refering to chikungunya fever, said they are registered so far 528 cases, of which 166 acquired the infection locally; 233 outside the country, and 129 are under investigation.

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In which provinces do dengue and chikungunya circulate?

According to the epidemiological report, the circulation of dengue was identified in Buenos Aires (three locations), City of Buenos Aires, Catamarca (two locations), chaco (two locations), currents (two locations), Cordova (a locality), Between rivers (a locality), Formosa (two locations), Jujuy (three locations), jump (nine locations), Santa Fe (16 locations), Santiago del Estero (six locations) and Tucuman (15 locations).

As to chikungunya feversaid that the circulation of this virus was confirmed in Buenos Aires (four locations), Buenos aires city, currents (a locality), Cordova (a locality) and Formosa (three locations).

What are dengue and chikungunya

He dengue is a viral disease transmitted by bite mosquito of the genre aedes mainly by Aedes aegypti. When the mosquito feeds on the blood of a person infected with the Dengue virus, it acquires the virus and then eight to 12 days you can stream it to a healthy person through the bite.

To prevent the transmission of dengue and chikungunya, they recommend avoiding the accumulation of water in containers to which mosquitoes have access (Photo: Analía Garelli/Télam).

Fever chikungunya It is a viral disease that -like the dengue virus- is transmitted by the bite of Aedes mosquitoes infected. The name means “one who stoops”, as it describes the stooped appearance of some people who suffer from the severe joint pain that causes

What are the symptoms of dengue and chikungunya

The symptoms of dengue are fever accompanied by one or more of the following: pain behind the eyesof head, muscular and of joints; nausea and vomiting; fatigue intense; appearance of stains on the skin, and itch I bleeding nose and gums.

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symptoms of fever chikungunya They usually begin three to seven days after the mosquito bite. The most common symptom is the sudden onset of feveroften accompanied by joint pain. Other symptoms that may appear are muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue, and skin rash. Severe joint pain usually lasts a few days, but can persist for months.

Recommendations for the prevention of dengue and chikungunya

To prevent both diseases, the Health portfolio recommends:

  • Eliminate all mosquito breeding sites, that is to say, of all the containers that contain water, both inside the houses and in their surroundings.
  • If the containers cannot be eliminated because they are used frequently, prevent mosquito access to their interior (covering tanks, cisterns and/or cisterns) or prevent them from accumulating water turning (buckets, basins, drums); empty and brush pot holders and drinkers frequently, or put them under cover (returnable bottles).
  • Place mosquito netting on the grilles.
  • Wear repellentalways following the instructions on the package.
  • wear clothing long sleeve and light colors.
  • To protect babies who cannot use repellent, place nets or tulle about cribs and strollers.
  • Place mosquito nets on doors and windows, and use environmental repellents, as tablets (inside) or spirals (outside).
  • In the presence of any of these symptoms, make a medical consultation early and do not self-medicate.

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