the Government confirmed that the $ 10,000 will be paid again

The head of the Cabinet announced that this Monday he will meet with the economic cabinet “to give continuity to the IFE to cover the month of April”

The head of the Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, ratified this Sunday the continuity of the payment of the Emergency Family Income (IFE), of $ 10,000, established due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cafiero announced that This Monday he will meet at the Casa Rosada with the economic cabinet to “give continuity to the IFE to cover the month of April”, in order to “pay it in May”.

At that meeting will be the new head of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), Fernanda Raverta, who was appointed by President Alberto Fernández to replace Alejandro Vanoli, the coordinating minister told Radio Con Vos.

The number of people who already received the Emergency Family Income of $ 10,000 to alleviate the crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic was much higher than initially expected.

Specific, More than 7.8 million people will receive the IFE, which will demand a disbursement of $ 80,000 million from the State.

In this way, the number of beneficiaries is well above official forecasts, which initially estimated paying the bonus to some 3.6 million people.

With these funds, the Government seeks to partially contain the fall in labor activity, especially in the informal sector, in the midst of the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The figures are not definitive, because after May 5 a period of reconsideration will begin for those who were not approved, and more people could join.

In the amount announced by ANSES there are also almost 2.4 million parents who receive the AUH for the children and women who collect the Pregnancy Allowance, who have already started to collect.

When the Government announced the delivery of this sum, it estimated that around 3,600,000 people would be in a position to receive it, so the final number is more than double what was projected.

At that first moment it was announced that they would be received by those families in which there is no other income, that is, that there are no formal employees, or retirees, pensioners or monotributistas of the highest categories.

The final number of beneficiaries was released after the data crossing carried out by ANSeS with other State entities such as AFIP and the Ministry of Labor.

According to the data offered in the first instance by the pension agency, those enrolled exceeded 11 million, so more than 3 million were disapproved.

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