“The DOLLAR is dead, buy BITCOIN”, advises Robert Kiyosaki

He said it through a tweet. Two years ago, the investor had warned that cryptocurrencies would end up replacing the US currency.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the popular book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, spoke about the death of the US dollar and advised buying bitcoins.

Death of the dollar. People desperate for money. Very sad. If the government gives you free money, take it and spend it wisely. Do not save. Buy gold, silver, Bitcoin. The dollar is dying. Silver [a] USD 20 [la onza]. Best buy for future security. Everyone can pay $ 20, especially with free fake money, “wrote the businessman in a tweet published this Saturday, April 4.

A few days earlier, the businessman published other messages, in which he pointed to the traditional financial system as the one that controls the currency.

On that occasion, he pointed out that the dollar basically became debt in 1971 and, since then, it has not contributed to the world economy, therefore, it believes that rather the dollar has made the poor and the middle class poorer and the rich richer. “Debt, the dollar, greed destroy lives and the world economy. Very sad. Save gold, silver and Bitcoin,” he said.

Two years ago, the investor had warned that cryptocurrencies would end up replacing the dollar. “I think the dollar is in serious trouble because gold, silver and the cyber currency are going to get it out … The US dollar is a scam,” said Kiyosaki, who has repeatedly stated that bitcoin is among the best options.

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