“The country as an inexhaustible picnic area”

The writer paints a critical scenario of the Government of Alberto Fernández and his handling of the crisis in the last text published on his portal.

The writer and political analyst Jorge Asís published this Tuesday a strong text in which he analyzes the first months of Alberto Fernández’s presidential administration and his way of dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

He also elaborates on the debt situation and analyzes the offer made by Minister Martín Guzmán, whom he nicknames “Gardelito”.

In a text published on his site (Asís Digital) under his usual pseudonym Oberdán Rocamora, the writer claims that Alberto took advantage of the coronavirus crisis to boost his figure.

On the other hand, he affirms that the model of his government “consists of equalizing downwards”.

And adds: “To the extreme of turning Argentina as a whole into a giant feeder, served by unarmed soldiers who fill the pots with hot stew”.

In addition, Assisi refers to the fortune tax promoted by the pro-government legislator Carlos Heller as a “flipping”.

Below the full text:


Caesar’s star
The extinct minister, in another decade, reflected.
“We do everything wrong but basically everything works out for us, can you believe it?”

It continued. “How can we do everything for m … and then succeed.”
The explanation he proposed was magical.

He attributed it to the luck of the President.
“Fear not,” he confirmed, “Caesar and his star protect us.”
The star of César -or Alberto- accompanies.

1. The plague

Alberto Fernández, El Poeta Impopular, President Delegate (of La Doctora), is decorated by his own star.

Initially feigned with being worse than the predecessor.

Mauricio Macri, The Exterminating Angel. It was, in itself, a feat.

He practiced explicit macrism during the first three months (The Doctor let him do it).
Macrista postcards abounded with European leaders who certified integration.

He overflowed in supplicating attitudes to support him in debt negotiation. The paid-off.

The Pope’s turn, how to use it.
Francisco organized the kermesse with Mrs. Cristalina, owner of the Fund.
To join it, by the Lord’s work, with Minister Guzmán, Alias ​​Gardelito.
Along with Sergio Massa, the Conductor, Alberto managed to pass the solidary law that would have been rejected by Macri. To the stones, at least.

It is recorded that Alberto arrived with Peronism while striving to behave like the perfect radical (who disoriented radicals).

Although, when the sleepy Peronists (some of them governors) realized that they were assisting the continuity of Macrism, Alberto decided to cling to the providence of the coronavirus.

As if to say: “This plague is mine and nobody takes it from me.” Then the country was burdened before even paralyzing it.

To devote itself to the broad scientific and ideological reasoning of the infectious diseases that paraded through television broadcasts.
They trafficked respect. But the phenomenon of fame was added to the specialists.

They could soon run to dance in the broadcast of the wronged Tinelli.

The macabre comparative accounting of the dead played in his favor.

With extraordinary frivolity Alberto then launched himself into the brilliant quarantine. Along the way it acquired its own dynamism.

The compulsive stagnation of society soon ceased to be an instrument. To be the target.

It exploded positively in the polls. It was the exact core of centrality. The Doctor opted for silence.

The disjointed opposition had no alternative but to frame itself.

It is recorded that the maximum opponent with territory, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Geniol, Chief of the Maxi Kiosk, also began to score points. Just for sticking to Alberto.

Spiritual coincidences with the Peronism sect of the capital were superfluous.

Faced with the overwhelming placidity of the stagnation that was spreading, only certain “prophets of hatred” allowed themselves, with lukewarmness, to install that, simultaneously, the economy was pulverized.

Although, to be frank, the economy was already a lost cause.

The priority was to wash their hands and stay heroically at home.

The question that Alberto grew, while ten million Argentines lined up with the pot to feed at the feeders.

To the catastrophic immanence of poverty, was added the impoverishment that enriched it.

For the unfortunate that the mango could not be earned by the obligatory isolation.

In his subdued tone as a middle-class neighborhood school teacher, Alberto spread the beneficial paralysis.

He achieved what the Angel, or The Doctor, could never have done.

Compulsive confinement for thirty days. With a noble cause.

Contaminated on a daily basis by the speech of the infectologists who persuaded society of the need to stay at home with Netflix.

Plating on alcohol gel and showing up on the street, if there was no other choice, like solitary masks.

With the mouth mask that inspired governors and ministers to photograph themselves smiling, while greeting each other “in code”.

The goodbye

“Argentina cannot pay anyone.” What a novelty. The idea of ​​the “garca country” was consolidated. Nothing reliable.

In the fullness of the stagnation that fed up, Guzmán, Gardelito, presented the “aggressive” offer. For the mysterious bondholders. Those who will receive interest only in 2024.

When the president is, perhaps, Nicolás del Caño. Or preferably the disturbing Pitrola.

Gardelito was accompanied by La Doctora, who still owns the casino chips. Alberto, the one who grew up with borrowed chips and gambled. And The Masked Geniol.
With adornment governors, who provided the political thicket to the brand-new pagadiós.

“Dissolve your own disaster into a universal disaster,” was recommended from the Portal. The bondholders formed choirs to reject it.

But with the coronavirus, our great ally, capitalism was so snotty that the offer could lead to the start of the negotiation.

In the country – inexhaustible picnic area – default no longer scares or impresses anyone.

The Wall Street Mogs, investment fund theorists, know that Argentina is not going to pay “anything to anyone ever” (basic Saer).

But convenient financial drawings can be made to keep the useless papers of the state in emergency that systematically prepares the next default.

For the Wall Street Minesweepers, Gardelito’s offer is not serious. But they must take it as if it were real.

It is more than anything, although no one ever pays anything (Saer again).

And if Gardelito loosens up some cash, they can sit down to negotiate soon. And even without cash yet.

The Argentine debt papers serve only as carilinas.

“What if Guzman is given and you have to call him Gardel all of a sudden?” Fanaticized by the positive effluvia of Alberto’s star.

For the passionate effectiveness of the down-matching model.

To the extreme of turning Argentina as a whole into a giant feeder, served by unarmed soldiers who fill the pots with hot stew.

The fist

But it is not enough with the publisher that does not stop printing crispy tickets 24 hours a day.

More “resources” are needed. It’s what the hoses call money. To “the fluff”.

For the cooked mate, the noodles, the cookies, the lentils, the respirators.

And only “resources” can be tampered with by those who “have it”.

Those who earned too much and have to pay back a little “the one they took”.

Anarchist almanac ideology of the 1920s. But driven by the Late Frepasito who politically hangs on La Doctora.

Then comes the patriotic project of extraordinary extraction, for the only time, of “fluff”.

The theoretical manipulation of the Burra by those who “made it” is entrusted, in the relatively Peronist government, to the tireless psychobolch. Carlos Heller, The Solidarity Banker.

In his youth, together with his brother Amado, Heller knew how to fight for the extended triumph of the glorious Soviet Union. It exhibited the Stalinist goodness of real socialism.

On the border of the 1980s, the Tireless Psychobolche can fulfill the justice dream and beat one percent of its Burras to the czars of Argentine pre-capitalism.

With the active endorsement of the other support of La Doctora. The (Placement Agency) Cámpora.

The only organization, La Cámpora, that maintains a strategic project of power, with a vague model of the country, to fill with some content.

And with the sublime helplessness of the Peronists. Wearing them as chinstraps. Although they resist with little posts. With crispy fluff to pay wages.

Lovable companions who fought, only from the withered, to capital.

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