The Córdoba Agency Innovar y Emprender held a “Demo Day”

Within the framework of the Program to Promote Entrepreneurship and Projects (Covid-19 edition), the Córdoba Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurs carried out on June 2 a demo day.

It was an event on line in which it was linked to the ventures that worked for six weeks in the program with 17 organizations that are part of the network of angel reference investors, incubators, accelerators and investment funds.


The dynamics of the day was based on the realization of four virtual meetings, in which 21 ventures provided a pitch of your project. In total, more than 100 people participated in this activity.

Diego Casali, president of the Córdoba Innovar y Emprender Agency, was very satisfied with the results, and said: “It is essential for the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Córdoba to generate links to make it grow. The Agency seeks to bring together different actors in this ecosystem to promote the development of dynamic and innovative ventures “.

Final instance

This demo day It is the last stage of the program, in which the aim was to link entrepreneurs with the Agency’s network of entrepreneurial capital, with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and encouraging venture capital.

Each meeting was armed according to the impact it sought to achieve. Thus, the groups were: Acceleration, Scientific Incubators / Accelerators, Angel Investors and Business Incubators.

He demo day It is a practice that takes place in the entrepreneurial world and is usually the result of the evolutionary process of a group of ventures. Arguably it is a graduation.

It consists of making a presentation of the venture, which shows the stage in which it is and a specific objective is proposed: to raise capital or participate in a new instance of development for your venture.

Those who participate?

In the Acceleration session, they made their pitch Pack Go, GenGanar, Growin, Avedian and Sellers before benchmarks of investment funds from various parts of the country, including: Alaya Capital Partners, Incutex, Eklos, Globant Ventures, Wayra and Kalei.

In the Scientific Incubators / Accelerators session, they presented their pitch UV 40, Piper (Life SI), SaniRobots, Blow2Bit, Hidrogly and IndustriAR against the scientific accelerators Cites, Accelerator of the Littoral and Gridx, and the incubators of the UNC, of ​​the UNRC and UNL.

In the angel investors session, Cittyo, U-Farm, BillMobile, IndustriAR, Teilú and iTraffic made their pitch before a group of local leaders: Gabriel Florensa, Luciano Nicora, Mario Postay, Álvaro Fernández and Jorge Giacomotti.

In the Business Incubators session, they presented their pitch Midis App, Musure, Ignis and Sol.AR compared to CEINN, Custer Incuba, Drimcom, Doing Labs, FIDE and Gen E.

These types of activities are important, since they create spaces for connection and strengthening the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation; In addition, they are essential to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Córdoba and encourage risk capital in dynamic and innovative ventures.

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