The cool days are coming to the City and the suburbs: how will the weather be this week

After the deluge that occurred during the early hours of Saturday in the City of Buenos Aires, temperatures dropped and the heat wave that hit the whole country for much of March it seems to have come to an end.

in itAt dawn this Saturday, about 30 milliliters fell between the City of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires suburbs. It also rained on Saturday afternoon, although the sun quickly came out again, and the humidity was present.

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In any case, the temperature never exceeded 30 degrees like the vast majority of days in March: the maximum was 29° while the minimum was around 22. after the rain, the temperature dropped.

As reported by the National Meteorological Service, there will be a drop in temperature over the next few days, although it is likely that in the middle of the week there is a day with temperatures close to 30°.

The city of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires suburbs woke up with rain (Photo: NA – Damián Dopacio).

How is the temperature in the week

For the next few days, the SNM reported rains and lower numbers for the City of Buenos Aires.

  • For him Sunday the highest temperature will touch the 25° and the lowest will reach 16th. According to the SMN, it will be the coldest day of the week.
  • He Monday the maximum will be 26° and the minimum of 18th.
  • For his part, he Tuesday it will be the best day warm of the week with a temperature of 30° as taller and 19th the lowest.
  • He Wednesday there will be another drop in temperature: with chances of rain and stormsthe maximum will reach 27° and the minimum to 21°.
  • At the end of the week, the heat will drop again Thursday and the highest temperature will be 23 and the lowest of 18th.
  • For him Friday will stay at 23 the maximum and 19th the minimum.

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