The cinema in quarantine: projects films on a wall for the boys of a shelter in La Boca

Like in cinema Paradiso, but in Mouth. In this neighborhood of the City of Buenos Aires a story similar to the Italian film released in 1988 and winner of an Oscar is told. An absent father, a love that was not and the salvation that came from the hand of the town cinema.

Just like in fiction, but in real life, Ramiro “Rama” García Zaccarías, gives joy to a group of boys who live in a shelter and are the children of mothers who are victims of gender violence. He lives opposite and from the home living shows movies for these children that every afternoon they sit in imaginary seats to enjoy the magic of the cinema.

The young man lives in a PH in the neighborhood of La Boca, below his house the theater “Querida Elena” works, which he manages with other partners, but which is now closed by quarantine. He then transformed his work items into the vehicle to entertain the little ones. On the night of March 20, he pulled out the projector, focused on the wall that is in front of his house and broadcast Paka Paka.

The cartoons that Ramiro projects to the boys. (Photo: Ramiro García).

From his house he began to see that timidly some boys approached, but after a while they multiplied and many enjoyed the projection. When the screen went black, they started shouting for “La Granja de Zenón”.

“It was hard for me to understand what they were asking for on the other side of the street. With my girlfriend Meli, we don’t have children, so we didn’t really know what they were saying. I went to the computer and began to find out. “Ramiro told in dialogue with TN and The People.

So every day between seven-thirty and eight at night, that wet wall becomes the most beautiful movie screen anyone has ever seen.

One of the movies that
One of the movies “Rama” shares with the boys from the shelter. (Photo: Ramiro García).

“As the boys got hooked I started showing movies. They already have views of Toy Story and The Lion King to name a few. The first few nights I improvised a little, there were a lot of cables and the transmission was not so good, but as the days went by I perfected it and now everything works out better, “explained the young man.

One of those wonderful and complicit evenings between “Rama” and the boys, he saw that on the other side of the wall they showed him a poster but he could not read what he said. Then he asked them to throw him into the street that he was going to look for him.

When she picked it up from the ground, her eyes filled with tears: “Thanks for everything. The boys”, He said.

The poster thanking you guys for writing. (Photo: Ramiro García).
The poster thanking you guys for writing. (Photo: Ramiro García).

“When all this is over, and I resume my work, I will no longer be able to show them movies and drawings every afternoon, but I will continue doing it once or twice a week. The truth is that this fills my soul, being able to help is something very gratifying, and especially when it comes to boys, “concluded the young man.

“Rama” is rehearsing a play that he is going to record and wants to do a live show for all the neighbors. Surely he will receive much applause for his work, but much more for his act of solidarity that brought many smiles in this days.

Ramiro “Rama” García Zaccarías, the young man who projects the films to the boys of the refuge. (Photo: Ramiro García).

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