The Catholic Church launched a website to receive donations and not depend on the State

In line with new technologies and the advancement of virtuality, especially in times of pandemic, the Church launched a portal so that the faithful can make monetary donations. The objective is “to generate own resources” to sustain themselves, without depending on the State.

The portal itself, called “Faith Program”, arose as a product of the economic reform of the Argentine Episcopal Conference (CEA), announced in June 2018. The decision was dispense “progressively” of the state funds, which currently total about $ 150 million annually.

The reform took place after the debate on the legalization of abortion and the massive demand by different sectors of society for the separation of Church and State. The objective is to generate own resources to sustain the mission religious and charitable.

Since then, the CEA has carried out a series of studies and analyzes to evaluate the most suitable alternatives for the not too distant self-support.

The presentation was made through social networks on Tuesday. (Photo: Instagram / @programafe).

One of the first steps towards that path was the Programa Fe site, which was officially launched by the President of the Episcopate, Monsignor. Oscar Ojea, and the head of the commission for Sustaining the Evangelizing Action of the monsignor Church Guillermo Caride. The presentation was broadcast by social networks.

The website offers to donate $ 500, $ 1000, $ 5000 or the amount of your choice, on a monthly or one-time basis, by credit or debit card or bank transfer. In addition, it offers the option of exclusively allocating it to one of the 66 dioceses of the country or a specific parish.

The site also clarifies that they will perform “clear accounts on what was done with all the proceeds “, through an annual report with the details of each work carried out.

Along with the web, the church has social networks, and those interested can contact via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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