the boys will still not go to school

Includes primary and secondary. The president said that the end of the isolation will be “very gradually” and that the situation is analyzed daily

President Alberto Fernández said this Saturday that “we plan to close the quarantine next Sunday, but it is day by day, we must see how it evolves” and stated that “getting out of it has to be a very careful thing.”

“If we leave as if nothing had happened, and a person from Spain comes to us, it can wreak havoc on us. There are cases that will have to continue to be quarantined. Surely, the boys will continue without going to school, the public administration will continue with remote work, and the older adults will follow, “said the president in dialogue with Radio Miter.

In this sense, the president clarified that “the isolation is not going to end”, but “could be made more flexible” by allowing certain activities to gradually return to normal, such as businesses and banks. What was clear was with respect to the students. He reiterated that they will not return to schools at the moment.

“We will have time to make up the class time. The schools have developed a distance education system that is not working badly. The boys have the task that the school sends them. To many who consult me, I clarified that I said that there are no classes, not that there is no homework, “said the President.

On the situation of the UBA, Fernández said that he held conversations with the rector Alberto Barbieri to promote distance education in certain careers as possible. “A lot of great people go to the UBA who expose themselves. There are great students. The university is not just about 20-year-old kids. There are older people who started studying or who are studying their second degree. I understand that there are careers that cannot be taught remotely, but for example in which I teach (right) it is possible, “he said.

The president also referred to what happened yesterday at the doors of banks across the country, where long lines of retirees and beneficiaries of social benefits were formed. “I am worried, angry and upset,” he said and stated that “we should not relax” since “we are doing very well and we are slowing down the infection” by coronavirus.

“When I saw what had happened yesterday, I said‘ pucha ’, we put all this effort in danger,” he affirmed and admitted that “today we will return to order a little bit.”

“What happened to retirees will never happen again. The banking sector will work to pay beneficiaries, Saturday, Sunday and next week,” said the President, who admitted an error in the communication of the payment schedule. “We only did it on the graph and left television, radio and the internet aside,” he explained.

He also stated that “someone did things wrong and there is no doubt”, in relation to the long lines that were registered yesterday at the doors of the banks, and expressed his “discomfort” over that situation, although he clarified that the government is not “thinking of resignations”, as requested by a sector of the opposition yesterday. “We are working hard, we are not thinking of resignations,” he reiterated.

In this regard, the head of state noted that in yesterday’s unusual situation “some things were mixed and there was an act of trust”, although he stated: “Not everyone understands what quarantine is all about.” “The biggest problem is people went to the banks that should not have gone. We have a payment schedule and people did not respect that schedule. I think it is a situation that today is not going to repeat itself,” he said. “There are people who do not know the seriousness of the situation,” he sentenced.

Also, the President recognized that it is necessary to look for the way that the banks are open so that little by little they return to normality. Likewise, Fernández warned that “infectologists tell us that the most difficult time will be in mid-May.”

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