The bicycle he used to go to work was STOLEN and a neighbor had a gesture that MOVED everyone

Last week a young went to carry out a procedure in a police station in Córdoba and his bike was stolen, which he had left at the door of the place. The story came out on television and a person who was watching decided to have a solidarity act for him.

One of the protagonists of this story is Marcelo Mamondes, the victim of the assault. “I use the bike for everything, to go to work, to shop. It is indispensable for me, ”she said after the robbery.

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Luis, a resident of Villa Allende, contacted the newsroom that reported the incident and told them that had a surprise for the young man The man did not hesitate for a second and decided to give him his bicycle.

The man had left the bicycle leaning against a tree. (Photo: Chain 3)

“When I saw on the news that the item he used to go to work had been stolen, I thought of giving it to him who needs it the most. It is a matter of empathy. I use it for walks from time to time” explained Luis.

Marcelo, moved by his neighbor’s attitude, went to get his gift and was moved to tears. “It’s a great blessing. I hope God bless you. I am very grateful to Luis and his family for his great gesture, ”he said.

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Regarding the whereabouts of his bicycle that was stolen, he affirmed that the authorities have not yet been able to advance in the investigation to find it: “The police have not called me. One day I approached and They told me they had no newsthat they were going to call me”.

Meanwhile, now he will be able to go to work on his new bicycle thanks to Luis’s gesture. “I hope there are many Luis in this country, who lend a hand like this man did,” she closed in dialogue with Telefe News.

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