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In fashion and also in beauty it is said that “everything comes back” and that has happened with the wood therapy. In the age of technology and gadgets, this manual treatment It has become the most requested to combat cellulite. This technique, which consists of massaging the body or face with different wooden utensils, was born in the East, thousands of years ago. He then perfected himself in Latin America and from there he has come to Spain. One of the keys to its success is that, in addition to activating microcirculation and improving muscle tone, relax and reduce stress. Compared to treatments that use the most innovative technology, wood therapy provides a great feeling of welfare.

What is wood therapy?

From Top Doctors they define it like this «wood therapy is a therapy that consists of stimulating the body with different wooden utensils that adapt to the different areas of the body, with the aim of reducing stress levels and power thus relieve muscle and joint pain. Although it is a holistic technique, at present, it has aesthetic purposes, because its use has been extended to combat cellulite, firming and toning the body». Body and anti-cellulite wood therapy is the most common, but there is also the facial wood therapy that uses instruments adapted to the face to improve skin quality and tone.

Body wood therapy. – DR

From the center The Secret Lab Madrid They comment that “the powerful results of wood therapy are possible thanks to two factors: the woods and the technique used. The different pieces of wood and their shapes (smooth roller, grooved roller, cube roller, molding board, mushroom and Swedish cup) allow multiple movements (straight, lateral, hollow, zigzag…) using one or more woods, as well as customizing the protocol according to needs, working in a localized way with a precise and refined technique». So that the woods can slide both on the body and on the face, they are applied oils. In addition, to enhance the effects of massages, they are used, in the case of the body, slimming and anti-cellulite creamsand in some centers it is combined with other techniques such as pressotherapy or draining massage.

What are the benefits of body wood therapy?

Inma Blanquer, founder of the Assari Centerexplains that «an intense massage is performed with wooden instruments designed to achieve a anti-cellulite, reducing, toning and draining effect. It reduces the contour of the treated areas, reduces localized fat, considerably improves the texture of the skin and even achieves the long-awaited lift of the buttocks». The pressure that is exerted and the specific movements with the wooden massagers contribute to breaking the adipocyte, mobilizing the fat, so that it flows towards the lymphatic system and eliminates it through drainage maneuvers. Body wood therapy is applied in the legs and buttocksas well as in the abdomen and even in the arms.

Elena López, expert in Yves Rocher aesthetic treatmentssummarizes the benefits of body wood therapy:

– Improves blood circulation.

– Promotes drainage, preventing fluid retention and detoxifying the body.

– Fights cellulite and orange peel skin.

– Shapes the body contour, reducing accumulated fat deposits.

– Regulates the nervous system and reduces stress.

– Stimulates the production of vitamin E, collagen and elastin.

– Tones the skin.

And facial wood therapy?

Although body wood therapy is the most successful in Spain, facial therapy is a treatment, explains Inma Blanquer, from the Assari Center, “very effective that defines maxilla and cheekbonestones the muscles of the face, Reduce expression lines and jowls, prevents flaccidity, improves skin microcirculation, oxygenates, drains and eliminates toxins».

Wood therapy consists of massaging the body or face with various wooden instruments.
Wood therapy consists of massaging the body or face with various wooden instruments. – DR

In The Beauty Concept have combined the benefits of wood therapy with those provided at the cellular level by the active ingredients of the Swiss cosmetics firm CellCosmet, offering a facial ritual to rejuvenate or prevent aging, causing a natural lifting effect. Various wooden instruments are used in the protocol, such as the small fluted roller, the Swedish cup or the shaping shovel, as well as products from the firm, such as the anti-stress mask. As explained Peace Torralba, director of The Beauty Concept, «the number of sessions varies from one patient to another, depending on the objective to be achieved and the personalized diagnosis. As a general average, it is recommended 10 sessions (1 or 2 per week, and maintenance, 1 per month)». In addition to improving the texture and quality of the skin, facial wood therapy reshapes the oval, stimulates blood circulation, regulates lymphatic circulationstimulates the fibroblast, increasing the production of elastin and collagen, improves muscle tone and regulates the nervous system, improving anxiety and stress.

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