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The price of barrel of Brent oilof reference for Europe, came to exceed 96 dollars this Monday for the first time since September 2014 in the face of the escalation of tension over the situation in Ukraine.

Specifically, the price of a barrel of oil in Bren qualityt reached 96.09 dollars on Monday before the opening of the European stock markets, its highest price since the end of September 2014. Last Friday, the price of Brent crude was 94.44 dollars per barrel.

In the case of oil West Texas Intermediate (WTI)the price of a barrel reached 94.94 dollars per barrel, compared to 93.10 dollars in the previous closing.

So far this year, Brent oil has become more than 21% more expensive, while WTI crude, a benchmark in U.Shas been revalued more than 26%.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated this Sunday that Russia could invade Ukraine “any day from today”, even this week.

The barrel of Brent oil climbs above 96 dollars for the first time since 2014

Bloomberg Announces Imminent Russian Invasion in Ukraine

Bloomberg published this Friday a note where he asserts, citing “officials familiar with the matter”, that Russia could launch a war against Ukraine as soon as next Tuesday, February 15.

According to the agency, which a week ago already published by mistake on its website the headline “Russia invades Ukraine“, the possible actions of Moscow could include “a provocation in the Donbass region, […] or an attack on the country’s capital, Kiev.” At the same time, Bloomberg sources, whose names are not disclosed, noted that “final intentions unknownof Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin's final intentions are unknown.

Putin’s final intentions are unknown.

During the same day, it was also reported with reference to anonymous informants, that the president of the United States, Joe Biden, noted, during a video conference with NATO allies, next Wednesday as the day of the Russian ‘invasion’ against the neighboring country, although it was not endorsed by European politicians.

Also on Friday, Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, told reporters that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict “could start during the Olympics,” which will conclude next Sunday on February 20. Sullivan noted that the United States has no definitive information that Putin has ordered an invasion, but noted that all the “pieces” are in place for a major military operation that could begin “quickly.”

Rejection of Moscow and Kiev

Claims about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine have been intensifying in the West since last November, despite being rejected by both Moscow and Kiev.

In particular, this Friday the Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that is carrying out “a coordinated media attack” against Moscow to “undermine and discredit Russia’s just demands for security guarantees, as well as to justify Western geopolitical aspirations and military development on Ukrainian territory”.

Biden, president of the USA, takes measures to avoid war.

Biden, president of the United States, takes action in the face of the possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier on Monday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced that “hysteria” in the Western media about the situation around Ukraine suggests preparing the ground for possible provocations.

Likewise, the reports of an imminent attack have been repeatedly refuted by the National Security Council of Ukraine, as well as by the Ministry of Defense of that country, whose head, Alexei Reznikov, affirmed on Monday that the Russian forces “have not formed groups of attack in any of the places to attack Ukraine”. On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported, with reference to US officials, that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky also does not consider an invasion likely and is concerned that Washington’s dire public warnings of a possible incursion will serve to amplify Moscow’s efforts to “destabilize” Ukraine and its economy.

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