The anguish of a La Plata doctor who has symptoms of coronavirus and in 148 she was not attended

Doctors and health personnel are the ones who fight on the front lines of coronavirusthis leaves them exposed to contagion. In the last hours, a medical of La Plata He told on social networks that he started with symptoms compatible with Covid-19 and she called 148 but was not assisted.

Maca Alimón used her social networks to express her helplessness and anguish considering that the health system abandoned her. Through two videos that she published on her official Facebook account, the doctor reported: “I am a gynecologist at the Gutiérrez de La Plata hospital, on Friday I started with a fever, I already came all week with a general discomfort, decay, and body aches. Since he had given me the flu shot, we put it down to that. The reality is that five days after giving me the vaccine I started with a fever, I contacted an infectologist and he advised me that, as I am a health professional, call 148 to tell themthat in the meantime isolate me

The health professional did what her colleague recommended, but since that call no one contacted her or explained how she should continue. “The truth is that as a doctor it makes me very sad and very anxious that we are mistreated in this way, “said the woman, and explained:”I only have a flu out there but it seems to me that it is the people in charge that the Government arranged to do all this that have to tell me. “

I have been isolated in my room for 48 hours, without being able to hug my son, without being able to approach my family and with total uncertainty, “said Alimón in anguish and said that she is not afraid of getting sick, because she is a young person, but she is able to infect her family.

The doctor said that it was not only she who was with symptoms, a companion of his with whom I had shared the guard on Monday of last week began to manifest respiratory distress. “I did not want to approach a guard because that is what we are asking, that the population does not approach the guards to prevent the spread. But 48 hours have passed and nobody called me from the health system and nobody contacted to know how I am, “denounced Alimón.

In this situation, on Sunday both she and her colleague they approached the Italian Hospital of La Plata and there, after reviewing them they did the swabbing.

“I called again (at 148), they told me to keep waiting. Both my partner and I went to the Italian Hospital in La Plata, they told us that we both go into suspicious cases either because we are health professionals, because we live in Silver that has endemic circulation and because, in my case, I had a fever and she is having respiratory difficulties, “explained the doctor.

Alimón said that he had to sign a voluntary discharge to be able to return to his home to isolate himself, since they had been complying with the measure voluntarily since Friday. “For the State we are still people X because they have never bothered to come and see us but well we are two more admitted as suspects, I wonder how many more are there like us that out there without having the means they are in their houses spreading viruses everywhere, “reproached the doctor.

He also expressed his concern about a possible collapse of the health system and denounced the lack of resources and means of protection that doctors have in the country.

“Not only they leave us in the trench without any inputsBecause the truth is that what they have sent is a disaster, what we have is little and when everything starts this is going to be a catastrophe, because we do not have the necessary amount “, assured Alimón in his video, although he wished that our country managed to flatten the contagion curve so as not to experience the situation in Italy or Spain.

In this sense, the doctor complained: “I have to go to the guards, we are in the trench without elements without inputs and when something happens to me the health system does not answer for me

Finally, the doctor from the Gutiérrez de La Plata hospital assured: “I think a total lack of respect and of responsibility what this Government does and how they are managed. Do not come to tell me that they are collapsed because we have, according to what they say, 1,200 cases and in La Plata there are 5, so it is not a question of the health system being collapsed. “

This Friday, the Inadi showed its concern about the increase in cases of discrimination against doctors and health personnel in the framework of the pandemic. The only people trained to fight this virus and save lives are being rejected by society for fear of contagion and, according to Alimón, they are also not receiving the containment and protection they deserve from the health system.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)

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