“Thank you from the heart”: the support of the media to those who fight the coronavirus

In the midst of the spread of the pandemic, the media from all over the country join this Sunday in a message of thanks and support to all who work to combat coronavirus in the country.

Under the slogan “Thanks from my heart”, newspapers, magazines, television channels, radios and news sites, express their gratitude towards those who assume their role with commitment and solidarity.

The message is intended to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, security forces, public service employees, members of the food chain, repositories, cashiers, transporters, distributors and bobbins, media workers. Also to volunteers who accompany the elderly and care for the youngest in school and community canteens.

Of course, the importance, key in reducing the spread of the virus, of the citizens who comply with the quarantine and is not neglected they stay at home.

The campaign was developed and implemented by the Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities (Adepa), the Association of Argentine Private Radio Broadcasters (ARPA) and the Association of Argentine Radio Broadcasters (ATA).

Adepa had already called the media in the campaign #we are responsible, to express a “unequivocal and forceful message” on the need to commit everyone to contain the virus and care for people.

ADEPA’s first initiative was implemented on March 19. (Photo: ADEPA).

This initiative was carried out on Thursday, March 19 and had the support of a group of important media organizations, journalists and the industry of the advertising and communication in the country.

The agency developed a multiplatform campaign to invite all the media to participate the same day with a message of unity around the idea that together “we viralize responsibility”.

Written by Argentina News

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