Tension in well-known brand of chocolates due to coronavirus

Company workers reported that they were infected with Covid-19. This case is added to that of the empanada tapas factory, Alijor

Workers of the candy factory Felfort have alerted what’s up 33 employees infected with coronavirus.

In addition, according to what the company’s employees have explained, the company the necessary health security measures would not have been taken -social distance, use of face masks on all personnel, hand hygiene.

It is worth mentioning that the factory It is located in the Almagro neighborhood, In Buenos Aires city.

FelFort employees alerted to coronavirus cases

In this regard, the Buenos Aires deputy Myriam Bregman (PTS-Left Front) stated: “The situation is very serious, there’s a peak of infections because neither the company nor the government took action. Since June 22, day the first case appeared, workers demanded tests and thes necessary measures insulation but they were denied and the factory continued to operate normally. ”

He then noted that “by increasing cases they had to make a force measurement summoned by her internal commission to be heard, but the company continued without taking the necessary measures. Just iimported their profit over the lives of the workerss. Today we present at the Legislature a statement of concern to the government demanding that take all necessary measures to preserve the health of workers, also a request for reports on what tasks control, prevention and care of COVID 19 were taken. ”

For its part, from the union of Roberto Daer ensured that they would have made an inspection from Ciudad and it transpired that Contacts would have originated in the dining room.

From the union they affirmed that yesterday a inspection from the City Health Secretariat and the Inspection Department of the National Ministry of Labor. The union noted that there would only be 19 people working and that the rest are not currently working.

In addition, they clarified that actually until Friday afternoon there would be 18 infected (10 men and 8 women). So the others 15 workers would be people who were in contact with them but it has not yet been confirmed that they were infected.

This is the front of the Felfort factory

The FelFort factory is located in the Almagro neighborhood

For its part, the MP Alejandrina Barry (PTS-Left Front) also referred to this problem. “We have denounced the situation of the factory in the sessions of the Legislature and before the Executive, expressing what the workers told us, We demand that the necessary measures be taken. No one can say that they did not know how dangerous this situation is. ”

Alert in Alijor

The company Alijor, which produces empanada tapas under its own brand, was closed this Tuesday night after 13 infections were detected and 9 employees were observed. The measure was adopted by the municipality of Escobar after the communication made by the company and the Food union, led by Rodolfo Daer.

This is the plant located in the Garín industrial park, on the Panamericana. There, empanadas and pascualinas Alijor and Baked goods from La Salteña. The company chose not to comment on the closure when consulted by iProfessional.

The positive and observation cases ignited the alert in the guild as they represent more than 20% of the workforce inside the establishment, where about 200 employees work.

With 200 employees, the Alijor plant in Garín produces empanadas and pascualinas covers of that brand and baked goods from La Salteña

After the preventive closure, the authorities began this Wednesday the sanitization process of the facilities and a series of actions to stop the spread of coronavirus among plant personnel.

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