Temporary in the AMBA: where THERE IS NO LIGHT, which cities are flooded and which are the CANCELED FLIGHTS

The tourist bridge holiday this Friday, May 26, came with strong rains and electric storms that lasted from dawn in much of the Buenos Aires suburbs and neighborhoods of the Buenos aires city, where many streets were left flooded.

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) remains under a yellow alert for rains and storms, some locally strong, accompanied by gusts, occasional hail, strong electrical activity and, fundamentally, abundant rainfall in short periods, according to the Meteorological Service. National (SMN).

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The strong rains and winds caused flooding of streets, suspension of flights in Aeroparque and the Ezeiza Airport and also the power outage in various neighborhoods of the Federal Capital and in various locations in greater Buenos Aires, where almost 70,000 users were without electricity.

Flood in Lanús

How much water was accumulated by the storm in the AMBA

After 10:00 a.m. this Friday, May 16, there were records of rains of more than 130 mm in some municipalities, with flooded streets and overflow of streams that caused the evacuation of some families, while the meteorological alert for storms is maintained and a care and assistance operation is deployed.

The holder of Buenos Aires Civil Defense, Fabián García, told the agency telam that “rainfalls of varying intensity have been recorded, although there was an abundant fall of water, for example in San Justo, where the rainfall reached 144 millimeters and in Brandsen it reached 141 millimeters, while in Ezeiza 132.7 millimeters fell”.

The official explained that they registered some evacuations due to stream overflows due to the descent of water coming from districts that are located in the west and center of the suburbs.

The rainfall table records up to the moment that they fell:

  • 119.4 millimeters in San Vicente;
  • 114.9 in Chascomús,
  • 114.3 in Benito Juárez,
  • 113.2 in Wolves,
  • 112.8 in Merlo,
  • 97.9 in Mercedes,
  • 90.7 in Costa Smeralda,
  • 80.9 in Loberia,
  • 78.6 in Balcarce,
  • 73.6 in Lujan,
  • 66.8 in Maipu,
  • 59.7 in Ayacucho,
  • 65.3 in San Nicolas,
  • 52.3 in General Alvear;
  • 46.5 in Mar del Plata.

For his part, the Municipality of La Plata updated the outlook in view of the heavy rains recorded throughout the region. According to the La Plata Hydrometeorology Directorate, the western part of the city is the most affected due to the meteorological phenomenon due to the intense rainfall recorded during the early morning and the discharge produced by the influx of water from municipalities in the region.

As explained, Melchor Romero, Abasto, Etcheverry and sectors of Lisandro Olmos received the greatest intensity of the deluge to which was added the descent of water from neighboring districts such as Brandsen, San Vicente and Cañuelas, among others.

“To the west of La Plata, the highest precipitation values ​​have been registered and in neighboring municipalities more than 100 millimeters have been registered, so the city’s streams will be temporarily loaded,” it was specified.

What are the areas of the AMBA most flooded by the storm

The storm caused flooding in different streets and avenues of the Greater Buenos Aires and CABA. In the Buenos Aires suburbs, some of the areas most flooded by the electrical storm during the early morning of May 26 were:

  • beccar;
  • Lanus;
  • Olives;
  • San Isidro;
  • Llavallol.

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Video: this is how the streets of some parties of the Buenos Aires suburbs were left

Different users posted the videos on social networks where images of flooded streets and garbage cans floating in the water could be seen.

In San Isidro was hit by heavy rains. Some sections of Avenida Libertador in olives and Martinez It is flooded and the tunnels have collapsed with water.

Flood in Beccar

After heavy rains more than 60 flights were canceled

More than 35 flights were affected in the Jorge Newbery Airport while at the Ezeiza International Airport 25 they were canceled due to the intense storm with electrical activity.

In Aeroparque activities on the ramp had to be suspended due to the electrical storm that broke out over the area causing no departures to be recorded during that period and the planes that managed to land had to remain on the runway without the assistance of ground personnel until the weather conditions subsided.

When will it stop raining in CABA and AMBA?

After the strong storms at dawn and in the morning, the weather forecast indicates that the sun will only appear in the afternoonalthough according to the area in which you are, the sky will be mostly cloudy.

During the afternoon, it is expected that the maximum for the whole day, which will be 21 degrees.

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