Telenoche | The pain of Lucinda’s family, the woman murdered with a hammer

Carolina and her entire family’s pain is endless. Lucinda, her grandmother, died after being hospitalized since June 24 after receiving a hammer blow in an attempted assault on her home in Merlo. Today they let them fire her for less than an hour and at a distance due to the pandemic. In her family they feel that they could not fire her and above all things they already miss her. Lucinda was a very active woman who went out of her way for her family. And just over a year ago she became a great-great-grandmother.

Lucinda had been surprised by the criminal when he used water to draw water from the well with buckets because there are no sewers in the neighborhood. Carolina received us at the house where her grandmother lived and when she visits the place her gaze is lost. He still does not understand how his grandson will not be able to enjoy his great-great-grandmother. Lucinda also worked at 78 years old in a family home. They also cannot believe what happened. Neighbors say that the area is very unsafe.

“When I arrived it was lying, it was all beaten” Carolina says to Rolo Barbano. Because she was at home and finds out everything when they wake her up and tell her that they had beaten her to assault her. But I thought it was going to be with a few light blows and not how he found it. Next to her was the hammer that was in the house and that the criminal used to attack her. Lucinda suffered two cardiac arrests and one stroke.

“I think I lost her that day” says her granddaughter because she couldn’t say goodbye to her and all the days that followed she was alive only with the help of a respirator. “I was asking you please not to leave me” she says through tears. The offender is detained but they fear that he will be released and that is why they appeal for justice to be done “My grandmother was taken from us” close broken.

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