“Telenoche”, in the first line of fire: this is how they “attack” the coronavirus in San Martín

The Buenos Aires metropolitan area continues to be one of the main sources of coronavirus contagion in the country. In San Martín, for example, the cases of infected amount to 1500 and the concern is extremely high. In a report, Telenoche He showed from an ambulance how ambulance workers, nurses and doctors are putting the body to this unprecedented “health war”.

In the time trial on the street, the report showed different municipal actions against suspected cases of coronavirus. All preceded by calls to the emergency line 107, similar to SAME but local. “We received between 400 and 500 calls per day only by COVID“said Esteban Gregorutti, one of the responsible doctors.

Desperate voices, bewildered and frightened people and many suspected of having the disease were some of the faces of the coronavirus recorded from the front line of fire.

Written by Argentina News

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