Strict quarantine: only half of the circulation permits were renewed in the AMBA

The Government reported this Wednesday that only half of the Unique Circulation Enabling Certificates (CUHC) were renewed corresponding to AMBA. The secretary of Public Innovation Micaela Sánchez Malcolm reported this after the start of the new phase of isolation with greater restrictions.

“In total there is a 50% less circulation permits at the AMBA compared to the ones we had last week, “said the Cabinet Head official in charge of the authorization authorization system.

According to official data, the total number of renewed certificates in the district is 2,235,083, which correspond to essential workers. To these are added 131,407 special permits that are valid for 24 hours.

In dialogue with TNSánchez Malcom recalled that the reformulation of the authorizations proposed for the new quarantine includes “the reduction of available activities, the duration restriction of permits and requested information to process them. “

In addition, he explained that during this stage of isolation the certificates “will range between two and a half million and three million permits, depending on the variations they are making and the floating that are the 24-hour permits.” In this way, he estimated that the final decline compared to last week It will be 30% or 35%.

Of the total permits granted to essential workers, 584,295 were processed in the City of Buenos Aires and 1,650,788 in Greater Buenos Aires, while the special ones -for force majeure, medical care or assistance to a person- correspond to 40,404 in the country’s capital and 91,003 in the suburbs.

Meanwhile, the ratings managed in the rest of the province of Buenos Aires amount to 479,639, and are divided into 346,058 essential activities, 10,428 non-essential activities and 32,153 special permits for 24 hours.

In this sense, Sánchez Malcolm recalled that they are 29 the essential activities authorized to use public transport and eight items that can work but should not be used by buses, subways and trains.

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