Stranded in Argentina: San Luis imposed additional measures to enter or leave the province

This Saturday, the National Government empowered the stranded argentines in the country to process a permit, valid for 96 hours, to return to their homes. However, provinces like saint Louis added additional restrictive measures that led to this Sunday a large number of cars waiting on the side of National Route 7 their authorization to enter or leave the territory.

“The latest presidential resolutions establish allotments and recommendations for people who want to return to their provinces, but each, in coordination with the Nation, sets their own criteria according to how they have worked in the framework of the pandemic,” said the Governor of Punta Cana, Alberto Rodríguez Saa, in a statement posted on social media.

San Luis is closed. All humanitarian issues will be addressed and we will resolve them with the Crisis Committee, so that those who have been stranded far away and want to return can do so. For it they must request authorization in time, to establish a dialogue on a case-by-case basis to solve it ”, he added.

Through a web page, all those who must enter or leave the province you have to fill out a form and await approval. Those people who only have to cross the province are exempt from this requirement.

In dialogue with, the Ministerial coordinator of the Ministry of Justice, Security, Government and Worship, Luciano Anastasi, assured that the province is making “a major logistical effort to take care of its 500,000 inhabitants

The provincial official listed three different situations of entry and exit: The one of the cargo vehicles; that of the people who are in transit; and the tourists who want to go out of the province and puntanos who want to return.

As they explained, between this Sunday and Monday 1200 vehicles will leave the province that received the corresponding authorization.

“There are many vehicles that are in transit. This from day one is guaranteed and by means of a protocol they are encapsulated and accompanied with patrollers. They usually do not spend more than two and a half hours in which one of these caravans occurs, “Anastasi explained, noting that at all times what is guaranteed is that they do not stop or interact with any point. they just need to have the national permit.

With respect to Freight transport, the ministerial coordinator assured that “has no limitation, enters the province and produces its transit and operates. “You should only have the documentation that enables it in order. This week, there was a stir in the province because a printed newspaper delivery man was denied entry. According to Anastasi, the problem there was that it was a pick up that “did not have the corresponding documentation “.

Finally, regarding the third case, the official explained to that all those people who need leave or enter the province with a private vehicle they have to process the Excuse me through the website. “It has a delay of 48 hours, we are trying to give a response of 24. There are more than 30 people answering all the queries, “he stressed.

In the case of people who requested back to St. Louis, the province requires them to comply with a 14-day quarantine and arranged for this the departments located in the complex of the Provincial University of La Punta. “There are five towers for 630 people, which we provide for free. Upon arrival, they are escorted by the authorities, “said the official.

The towers have one and two room apartments, Free WI-FI and merchandise (food and hygiene) for two days of stay. Then, people will have a list of places where they can order products at home. In turn, there is a health service that does a daily temperature control.

In the last few hours, many users wrote to TN and the People to express concern because they had their national permit approved to circulate but they ended up spending the night in their vehicles, on the border between San Luis and Córdoba, awaiting provincial approval to return to their places of residence and fear that this wait will lead to the expiration of the other authorization.

Faced with this, the official requested: “We are asking that you please wait for the approval of the process. That they do so 48 hours in advance of the trip. “Faced with the claim related to the national permit, Anastasi explained that the provincial government asked the nation to allow them to extend that period, since they may not have the time to receive all stranded together.

“Next week people with buses can enter San Luis. But it is a number that is not quantified, we can have an impression based on requests,” the official announced, and also said that this Sunday a bus left Merlo to repatriate Argentines. in different provinces.

“Today all the exit registrations were approved”, he assured to bring tranquility to those tourists who are looking to return to their places of residence and stressed that two weeks ago a national regulation that allows make these returns via public transportation. According to the official, this allows coordination with the province that is receiving it more verbose and makes two drivers return to San Luis instead of 50, in the event that tourists hire remises to return.

These new measures reported by Alberto Rodríguez Saá, have to do with the freedom that the National Government gave to the representatives of the provinces and municipalities to take more restrictive actions if necessary in order to avoid the spread of the virus.

It should be noted that so far, Saint Louis has 10 positive cases Covid-19, six of which have already been registered and four are active.

The biggest problem in the province is with the income of people who come from Córdoba and Mendoza, which register 211 cases and 59, respectively. While its other bordering provinces, San Juan, La Pampa and La Rioja have two, five and 22 cases.

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