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They are an alternative when buying a car. We tell you about the advantages regarding other options, offers and how to get the best result

The car auctions became an increasingly interesting option for those seeking a new or used vehicle.

The main theme is that good prices can be achieved and that makes it more tempting. But to participate you need to be attentive and know several tips that will help you to perform the operation better, such as calculate the extra expenses that accompany it.

In recent times, the proposal of digital auction It has become more relevant, and not only because the number of dance vehicles has increased, but because it is the platform that automakers choose to sell their fleets of cars.

Among the proposals offered by the brands it is possible to find used units, with a few kilometers and even to be patented, without guarantee; or 0 km, which have an official guarantee and are removed directly from the dealers.

How to participate in the auction

It is recommended that before participating, the user keep track of one or more auctions through online sites (not all allow it).

Without being registered, it is also possible to see how the offers and the amounts that reach each one of the disputed lots happen.

Online auction, the keys to be vigilant.

In the case of Narvaezbid, where the largest amount of car auctions, it is also possible to identify the number of participants (they appear with nicknames), and their respective offers. When the auction closes, the final value is visible in the system for a few more hours and is public knowledge.

Another important step is to use the search engine.

This tool is recommended to find the desired car or perhaps a worthwhile opportunity. Once identified, it is essential to look carefully at the photos, and carefully read both the vehicle information and the description of the lot (s).

Keep in mind that sometimes lots have different characteristics within the same auction and the differences can be subtle and be reflected in the final price. The main thing is to be clear about what you are looking for.

Read the auction conditions

You must be well aware of the conditions of delivery of the vehicle, operating costs, the agency, details of documentation, if it allows the purchase in the name of another person, etc.

Each one has its own particularity and does not have the same conditions. For example, there are auction houses that return 100% of the offer insurance and others that do not.

Another key is to make a visit to find out the status of the car in which you will participate. The houses currently comply with the security protocols established in the quarantine.

Auction Accounts

It is important to note that auctions have related expenses that directly impact on the final value of the vehicle. Calculating this will allow the person to know what the maximum offer they will be able to afford.

There are sites that show the total amount, including expenses, of each offer.

Chevrolet held a successful auction.

Chevrolet held a successful auction.

On the other hand, to facilitate participation for those who cannot follow the live auction, there are automatic betting functions that allow you to configure up to a maximum amount; which means that the system will automatically bid until it reaches that established limit.

You have to be patient, the stock of vehicles is constantly renewed. You should also know that there are lots that close without receiving offers. And that in these cases there is the possibility of making a post-auction offer, which will be communicated to the seller. This will have the power to accept or reject it. If the latter happens, the lot will go to auction again.

Auctions, more information

To do so, the Official auctioneer must be duly registered with the Commercial Board with the date, time and location disclosed in widely circulated newspapers.

In cases of judicial auction, it will be the person in charge of the designated official named Audience Doorman.

Bids can be offered live (in person or by telephone from the Customer Service Center), by fax, or by email through the Auction Portal, which will be received, in any of the forms, in real time and under equal conditions. .

It is possible to follow the auction on the web and hear the auction of the goods made by the Auctioneer.

Before starting the same, the Conditions of Sale and Payment of the Auction are read aloud, and the auction of the lots begins, receiving the offers of those interested.

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