Step by step: how to create an online company in Córdoba

In the middle of quarantine, 185 new legal entities were created in the province of Córdoba, the majority (137) were joint stock companies and the rest, civil associations, foundations and trust registries.

Unlike other jurisdictions where the digital process was stopped with the new management, in the Inspection of Legal Persons (IPJ) of Córdoba, the procedure can be carried out entirely on line.

This allows the path to the long-awaited “company in 24 hours” that had been raised in the national law of entrepreneurial development of 2017.

Although this law aimed at the new simplified joint stock companies (SAS), in the province the procedure also applies to public limited companies (SA), associations and foundations.

In the event that interested parties choose the statute model proposed by IPJ, times are accelerated and the service rate is zero.

How to build a SAS

one- Those interested must have a password on the Ciudadano Digital (Cidi) platform. The process begins on the IPJ-Trámites website on line which can be accessed at this link, with the reservation of name. There you can check if the name can be used or should be changed.

2- In the menu, Joint Stock Companies, enter “Simplified Incorporation of Stock Companies”.

3- When choosing the corporate statute, you must choose the model approved by IPJ. In this way, you enter the express process, without cost (zero service rate). If a statute drawn up by the citizen is decided, the procedure is more expensive and is no longer simplified.

4- After authenticating the person with the Afip tax code, level 3, all the details of the new company and its members must be completed.

5- Here the deposit of 25 percent of the capital stock in a temporary account of the Banco de Córdoba (the capital equivalent to two vital and mobile minimum wages) is enabled. A uniform bank code (CBU) of the corporate account must be reported to refund that money after registration.

6- On the same IPJ website, the most specific data is completed: corporate purpose, the representative bodies, the Afip activity code and the electronic tax address.

7- Once all the correct information is available, you can download the company charter.

8- Documents must be signed, with two options. With a digital signature (it is done at the same time) or with a holographic signature before a notary public. This last option was locked during isolation, but now these professionals went back to work. The provincial government offered the free granting of the digital signature, once a week, at the IPJ, but this was also suspended in quarantine.

9- The signed documents are uploaded to the website of the procedure. The legal representative of the company must validate everything through Cidi. Thereafter, the status of the process can be followed through this provincial platform.

10- Once the documentation is received, an LEI agent checks that everything is fine.

eleven- The IPJ requests the unique tax identification key (Cuit) on line to the Afip and informs you of the electronic tax address.

12- The edict is generated and sent by system to the Official bulletin For publication.

13- The process is formalized and the SAS constitution resolution is signed digitally.

14- Bancor is notified to return the deposit of 25 percent of the share capital.

fifteen- Society is ready to operate.

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