stay home and download the contents of Economic Sciences for free

The prestigious specialized publisher allows free access to high-value content on Taxes, Accounting and other areas

Errepar accompanies professionals by providing solutions and tools for their daily work.

“We know that now, more than ever, it is necessary to have the economic science content at hand, and in the easiest and fastest way,” says the editorial.

For this reason, Errepar periodicals can now be found in digital format and free of charge on their page.

Through the portal you will have free access to all the publications that Errepar has designed for professionals.

Without leaving home, the publisher offers you the visualization and download of its specialized publications, as an opportunity to keep you updated during your telecommuting days.

“Because the activity of accountant It doesn’t stop, neither does ours. We adapt to the new context, “explains Errepar.

So, throughout the month of April you can access doctrinal articles from the most prestigious authors, specialists in our collections of Taxes, Labor, Societies Y Contests Y Accounting.

Errepar has a wide range of publications for accountants who specialize in a particular area or region, and who need to have current and timely information, analyzed by experts in each field.

Tax Area

  • Tax Doctrine. Direction: Hugo Kaplan
  • Tax Consultant. Direction: Armando Lorenzo and team
  • Criminal Tax and Economic Doctrine. Direction: Teresa Gómez and team

Labor and Social Security Area

  • Labor and Social Security Doctrine. Address: Juan C. Fernández Madrid
  • Salary Settlement. Address: Errepar. Coordination: Gustavo Segú

Corporate and Bankruptcy Area

  • Corporate and Bankruptcy Doctrine. Direction: M. Perciavalle

Accounting and Management Area

  • D&G Professional and Entrepreneur. Direction: Armando M. Casal

Regional publications

Errepar also has products designed for those who work and / or advise professionals or companies in a certain region of the country.

Regional subscriptions combine tax, employment and pension information, and corporate information, with online information systems, books and periodicals led by renowned specialists.

  • Errepar Buenos Aires (CABA and Province of Bs. As.).
  • Errepar Córdoba.
  • Errepar Santa Fe.
  • Rural Errepar.

I accessed this benefit for free until April 30 and knew all the economic science content that Errepar has designed for professionals.

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