Six steps to disinfect technological devices

A series of consecutive steps, common to any equipment used in intensive home and work environments, should be applied

How should the Technological devices, such as mobile computers, scanners, and printers, to improve the protection of workers who use them on a daily basis in homes, hospitals, warehouses, stores, etc.?

Zebra, a multinational company presented a guide on this need in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, for which the cleaning of technological devices that are used on a daily basis becomes relevant.

The six steps that summarize this guide, which the company shared with iProfessional, are the following:

  1. Regardless of what the device is, the first thing to do is turn it off, and in case a connection to an outlet is necessary, disconnect it.
  2. The manufacturer must be verified what the cleaning agents that can be used. Not all devices are made from the same components; if used wrongly, some agents could damage their appearance and / or function.
  3. Use cloths or towels to avoid direct contact between the disinfectant and the device. If this rule is not followed, the antiseptic can be incorporated into internal parts of the equipment, which are generally much more susceptible to external agents.
  4. Cleaning keys, buttons, connectors is one of the most difficult tasks during the disinfection process due to the painstaking work required. However, these hard-to-reach spots are crucial because they have a high risk of contamination. Therefore, the recommendation is to use cotton for easier access and to ensure complete disinfection.
  5. After disinfecting any device and especially medical equipment, it is very important let them air dry and avoid tampering before the disinfectant has disappeared naturally. In the case of devices that need some type of ventilation, the recommendation is the use of air tubes to ensure rapid absorption of the cleaning agent.
  6. The person who is carrying out the disinfection of the device must use disposable gloves all the time and discard them after cleaning is complete; in this way, it avoids any point of re-contamination.

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