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Monica Naranjo She is one of the most chameleonic Spanish singers. Years ago she dared with two-tone hair, she did not hesitate to pose bald, she has sported curls, long extra-smooth brown hair, redhead and long hair with highlights. Last night, at the inauguration of the Benidorm Fest 2023 gala, she surprised again with a radical look change.

Mónica Naranjo took the stage to interpret the song ‘Diva’ by Dana Internacional, with a black tunic covering her head. At the end of her interpretation, the artist discovered her new image: a shorter, platinum blonde hair. The artist thus took advantage of this moment, which was followed by hundreds of people on television, to publicize her change of look.

Mónica Naranjo with her new platinum blonde hair.


In recent weeks, the singer and presenter had long brown hair, with blonde highlights. Her new haircut is a midi length or ‘long-bob’, at the edge of the shoulders, a trendy haircut that is also a good option to clean up long hair and even rejuvenate it. However, the most surprising thing about her change of look is the color: platinum blondean extreme tone that he already wore years ago when he signed up for the pixie.

How to get Mónica Naranjo’s platinum blonde?

Platinum blonde is a color that has captivated many celebrities, from marilyn monroe to make it his hallmark. To achieve this color, the hair must be subjected to a bleaching process that, as explained Alberto Sanguinoan expert from Llongueras, is “a system aggressivesince it leaves the hair cuticle very open, but there is no other way to get a platinum, unless you have a very blonde base.

Monica Naranjo’s new look.

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In general, for most hair it is not possible to go platinum blonde overnight, it takes several weeks. «The bleaching processes require time and patience. It is important that the hair is healthy and strong, because discoloration usually damages it. The most recommended in these cases is to perform multiple salon visits and gradually lighten the hair, instead of doing it all at once, especially if we are dealing with hair that is dark at the base. You can also look for a clarification through ombré or balayage highlights, which will provide a more natural finish and without compromising the hair so much, “explains the stylist. charo garcía of Ilitia Beauty & Science.

How to care for platinum blonde?

Since hair suffers so much during bleaching, it is essential to maintain good care. Experts recommend using nutritious products, along with other specific ones to maintain color. Together with the nourishing shampoo and for colored hair, it is necessary to apply face mask at least once a week.

In addition, it is advisable to go to the hairdressing salon every 3-4 weeks to carry out some restructuring treatment and maintain the color. Platinum blonde is very delicate hair that suffers a lot from external agents such as the sun, which can cause oxidation, changing the tone.

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