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She is Argentine, she dated “the Tinder scammer” and left him: how she discovered his deception

Valeria Calpanchay had in 2018, in Munich, an appointment with Simon Leviev, about whose story Netflix released a recent documentary

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02/13/2022 – 11:25 a.m.

In the midst of the impact caused by the broadcast of the documentary The Tinder Swindler (“The Tinder Swindler”) on Netflix, there were several stories that appeared around Simon Leviev. Now that of a woman who did not fall for his tricks was known. And that she is Argentine.

Valeria Calpanchay, who has lived in Germany since 2018, had an appointment that year with Simon Leviev, whose real name is Shimon Hayut, when he had been living in Munich for a short time. However, she said she recognized warning signs that made her quickly run away and forget about him. She currently lives in Berlin, the German capital.

Valeria Calpanchay, who has lived in Germany since 2018, had a date with Simon Leviev.

Valeria Calpanchay, who has lived in Germany since 2018, had a date with Simon Leviev.

Calpanchay’s testimony was published by the British outlet The Mirror. The young woman explained that she just saw the documentary this Monday, February 7, after reading an article on Facebook about the scammer’s story. He instantly recognized the person he had encountered. And everything strange that she had seemed at that time, seemed to make sense.

“I had a Tinder account back then, so I saw this guy named ‘Simon’, who seemed cute and traveled a lot. I also love to travel, I’ve been to a lot of countries, so I thought he’d like to meet up. I was curious,” he told the British media.

The Tinder scammer asked for her WhatsApp number instantly and they started chatting and talking too. “Our date was very spontaneous and it happened a day after we agreed. He had just finished work and he sent me a text message asking if I was free to meet us. I think he sent a voice message,” he recalled.

Simon Leviev, the Tinder scammer.

Simon Leviev, the Tinder scammer.

But something about this man had aroused intrigue in Calpanchay. He believed that the boy with whom she was in contact was hiding something or pretending to be someone whoIn the end, it wasn’t. “The millionaires do not show their money on Tinder, because it is not necessary”, was his reasoning.

Motivated by “curiosity” she decided to accept the proposal. She suggested as a meeting point the vicinity of one of the most exclusive hotels in Munich, in order to be in tune with the refined tastes that Leviev claimed to have.

I know They stopped at a bar for coffee, but didn’t stay long.. “Five minutes after we sat down, he suggested we go somewhere else because he didn’t like the menu,” Calpanchay recalled. After that, she bought cigarettes at a local, and then they went to a mall, where they did find another place to have a drink. “It seemed expensive,” she recalled.

Calpanchay pointed out that Leviev he was a “talkative guy,” but noted that he “liked to talk about himself too much.” Furthermore, he noted that he “wanted to give the impression that he was mysterious”. The young woman asked where he was from, that she tell him about his origins, but she avoided giving a direct answer.

A few minutes later another aspect appeared that caught his attention. She had two mobile phones and, in the middle of the date, she received a couple of calls that she described as “strange”. In those conversations she talked about transactions of millions of dollars. “Who talks about money in front of a stranger?”

Leviev bragged too much about his relationships, as the young woman recalls. “It was weird for him to talk about other girls, saying that he was always sending her photos, he even showed me some. He wouldn’t trust someone who shows other girls private photos.”

The appointment, after all, lasted an hour. Although he did not detect anything too “worrying” on that occasion, he did get the impression that there were things that did not close him. “She was not sure if it was genuine or not,” she reflected in a dialogue with the British medium.

However, that same night they contacted each other again. Simon Leviev invited her to a party at her Munich home, an offer she graciously declined when they spoke on WhatsApp.

The young Argentine clearly evoked the words that the scammer used then. “I thought you were more spontaneousAnd he added: “It was already very late and I was in my pajamas, so of course I didn’t feel like going.”

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