Sergio Berni responded to the criticism of the national government: “Did they want me to bring croissants to the Ministry of Security to debate how we fixed a checkpoint?

The dialectical crossings between the referents of the Ministries of National Security and those of the province of Buenos Aires became something recurrent that became a real headache for the Alberto Fernández government.

Of course, the Buenosairean official responded without diplomacy, with the style that characterizes him: “Did they want me to bring croissants to the Ministry of Security to discuss how we would fix a checkpoint?”he asked wryly.

There was a pregnant woman in labor who had been waiting 15 minutes in an ambulance. It happens that there are those who believe that people must be tortured so that they do not go out, but I think we have to make things easier for them“, He shot Luis Novaresio on radio Network.

In a tone that conveyed his annoyance, Berni insisted: “When you see such a mess, what you have to do is try to fix it, unless they wait for me to take the croissants to the Ministry and I sit down to talk to them for four hours about how something is fixed that is solved in two minutes on site ”.

Not to mention Sabina Frederic, the Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires sought at all times to differentiate his proactive attitude from an alleged passivity of those who command the entity at the national level: “One of those responsible for the operation was asleep on a mobile phone, I woke him up and said, ‘Look at the quilombo that is being put together.’

“They would have put a political chief to solve the issue … There was one with a cap and a mask who was ashamed to be on the bridge, he had less authority than Corporal Cavern who did the controls,” he shot.

Moments later, the provincial minister gave his target a name:I know perfectly well the task of command of the police personnel, I taught Eduardo Villalba (Secretary of Security) four years, it strikes me that he did not learn it” The addressee of this criticism had stated that Berni irresponsibly exceeded himself: “If I had good intentions, he would have called me instead of appearing in front of the television cameras.”

The Buenos Aires official also dismissed the criticism of those who believe that these gestures are actually part of the beginning of his campaign with a view to competing in the elections in 2023: “I am where the problems are, I am not locked up in the ministry. I have been working in the State for 30 years and I am on the street, so you could say that I have been campaigning for 30 years

Finally he remarked (and highlighted) the differences between his way of intervening directly in conflicts, against those who remain in theory and do not apply it in person: “You have to understand what is happening and for that you have to be in place

“That was taught me by Alicia Kirchner years ago, when she made me see that the only way to become aware is to share each other’s shoes; if not, you will never understand it ”, he concluded.

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