Separated by quarantine: the moving story of a young woman who seeks to reunite with her dog

In March, April and her dog were together in BoliviaThe borders were open and everything suggested that they would spend more time together. But the pandemic for coronavirus changed everything. They are now separated and missing.

Abril and “Zorrita” They met in 2018 in La Rioja, on one of the young woman’s trips around the country. They lived together in Buenos Aires and then decided to visit northern Argentina. Along the way, they made many friends and crossed to Bolivia.

“When we found out about the pandemic and the closure of the borders, we went to the Argentine Consulate and decided to repatriate us. They took us to Aguas Blancas, in the department of Oran, Salta, where we had to take a bus to bring us to Retiro,” he explained. April in dialogue with TN and The People.

Abril and Zorrita together on one of the many trips. (Photo: Facebook / April).

The truth is that when getting on the bus, the drivers of the transport company told him that Zorrita couldn’t do it. So April decided to stay with her. “I cried how I had never cried in my life, they were asking me to leave her and that I continue traveling to my house. I never would. I decided to stay on the border with her and my partner. The mike started, it left. We were alone in the middle of nowhere and there was only one gendarmerie post, “said the young woman.

April, a friend and Zorrita began to ask for help and each car that passed asked to take them to the nearest town to sleep. But no one helped them. They walked a long time until they returned to the gendarmerie station where they explained what was happening. Officers told them they would have to be detained because they were violating the quarantine and notify the prosecution.

With tears in his eyes and after telling the situation in great detail, one of them told him that take “Zorrita” to her house and take care of her. He ordered to stop the bus -which he had already done 100 kilometers- at the next post and there, April, I can go back to Buenos Aires.

“I had no choice, Either we were detained and my dog ​​was adrift, or I got on the bus and my dog ​​was in a house. The answer is obvious, “he said.

Zorrita in Purmamarca, one of the places she visited with Abril. (Photo: Facebook / April).
Zorrita in Purmamarca, one of the places she visited with Abril. (Photo: Facebook / April).

Abril communicates every day with the gendarme’s family and knows that “Zorrita” is being cared for, fed and she receives a lot of love. Now he appeals to the solidarity of the people and makes a call so that if someone She is traveling from Salta to bring her route companion.

“I also ask the transport companies that are more flexible. This is a case of force majeure. I traveled with my dog’s health book where all the vaccines are listed. There must be more people in my situation“concluded the young woman.

It is the first time since 2018 that they have been separated. They shared miles of adventures and anecdotes. They are needed and missed. Surely thanks to the solidarity of the people, very soon Abril and Zorrita will be able to meet again.

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