Santiago Cafiero: “Cristina has no knob to do with this”

The Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, criticized the opposition again for its reaction to the crime of Fabián Gutiérrez, former secretary of Cristina Kirchner, who declared as repentant in the case of the notebooks, and separated the vice president from the events under investigation in Santa Cruz.

They keep messing up and trying to link our vice president. Cristina Kirchner has no knob to do with this”, Assured Cafiero in dialogue with Gustavo Sylvestre in Radio 10.

This weekend, Juntos por el Cambio released a statement alerting about the institutional gravity of the murder of the former CFK collaborator. The letter generated the reaction of President Alberto Fernández himself, who described the intervention as rogue.

There were also strong controversies within the opposition pole. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, María Eugenia Vidal and some mayors revealed that they did not support the statement.

Cafiero said that the attitude of the opposition represents a limit for the Government for future negotiations. “How do you continue after this? There is no room for political irrationality and in this context of the pandemic, much less“, he asked himself,

And continued: “There is a sector of the opposition that sows hatred, sows fear; there is another sector with which you can work, which are the governors, the mayors, and those who are more committed to fighting the pandemic

Gutiérrez was assassinated last week. His family’s lawyer believes that there was an economic motive behind the crime linked to a local business carried out by the former official in “El Calafate”.

In a letter released on Saturday, Together for Change warned that “the kidnapping, disappearance and murder from Fabián Gutiérrez ” it is “of the utmost institutional gravity” and demanded that the investigation be transferred to the orbit of federal justice.

“We ask that, due to the possible connection of his death with federal crimes, the investigation be transferred to the orbit of federal justice. And that there are no relatives of Vice President Cristina Kirchner in the process. The provincial justice is already trying to install, without any evidence, hypotheses about the motive for the murder, ”states the statement released this Saturday, a few hours after the body was found.

Along these lines, they denounced that “The judge, the prosecutor and the police forces respond to the entrenched political power in the province of Santa Cruz”.

The text bears the signature of the PRO authorities, Patricia Bullrich and Federico Angelini, from the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo and Alejandra Lordén, and of the Civic Coalition, Maximiliano Ferraro and Mariana Zuvic.

That the PRO, UCR and CC are encouraged to sign a document like the one they signed yesterday (on Saturday), sowing doubts about Gutiérrez’s death, which is rogue ”, answered Alberto Fernández.

“The use of death to try to reinstate a painful issue, which must be judged seriously, which needs legal rationality and honest judges to deal with the issue,” said Fernández.

And I add: “It seems to me an absolute miserability. We want to know what happened to Fabián Gutiérrez, but only insinuate that this is the reason for the cause of the notebooks and that the government may be involved in it, it is such a miserable attitude that it is difficult to understand. ”

For the Gutiérrez crime there are four detainees. The confession of one of them allowed to find the body, which had stab wounds and signs of having been tortured. The 46-year-old man suffocated to death.

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