Rolón warns that “it destroys the psyche”

“We are all experiencing a very distressing situation because we began to experience fear of many losses, that of work,” he said.

Starting this week, “Best of Night”, the program of Leo Montero in the evenings of the television channel The Nine, it was transformed into a magazine that will follow step by step the advance of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are going to leave the entertainment, our beloved roulette, the general culture questions and all the fun we have to accompany all this national and world emergency situation that has to do with the coronavirus”, explained the driver as a way to start this new stage.

One of the interviews (all virtual) was with Gabriel Rolón, who developed the damages of the compulsory confinement:

“When they punish a prisoner in a film, they send him to isolation because it hurts, destroys the psyche, you lose track of time and space. Emotions begin to be faster than reason. But people who get out of balance easily go from fear to panic. We are all experiencing a very distressing situation because we begin to experience the fear of many losses, that of work, that of savings, projects, dreams, longings, hugs, encounters. And in addition to all that, many of us have to face loneliness, “said Rolón.

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