Renault and Nissan plan to manufacture 40 thousand pick-ups per year in Córdoba

It was one of the most anticipated projects in the automotive industry, but nobody thought that its implementation could take place in the current scenario, marked by the recession imposed by the coronavirus.

However, the automaker Renault announced yesterday that at the end of the year it will begin to manufacture its model for the plant located in the Santa Isabel neighborhood. pick-up Alaskan.

“We are announcing the manufacture from the end of this year of our Alaskan model. Although it is a time when we hear news of the reduction of projects, in this context Renault decides to continue betting on the future of the country, ”explained Pablo Sibilla, president and CEO of Renault Argentina, through a videoconference with media from all over the country. .

The new truck, which will share the production line with Nissan’s Frontier model, will begin mass production between late November and early December.

The plant has a capacity for 75 thousand pick-ups per year, of which the alliance between Renault and Nissan plans to produce 40 thousand units, according to Sibilla, although he apologized for giving the mix between the two brands, so as not to spread the strategy of their Japanese partner.

With its incorporation of the Alaskan, the Cordovan plant will manufacture five models of the French brand: Kangoo, in its passenger and utility versions, the new range of Sandero, Logan and the Stepway launched in November 2019.

Initially, the start of production of the pick-up It was scheduled for 2019, but the recession that started in May 2018 and the currency crisis after the open, simultaneous and mandatory primary elections (Paso) forced the company to delay the exit.

“We are facing the concretion of a project that is not only for the internal market but also for export and that will give stability to 480 workers of the company,” said the Minister of Industry of the Province, Eduardo Accastello.

Dynamizing effect

The alliance between Renault and Nissan to make trucks in Córdoba demanded an investment of 600 million dollars. The project also included the Daimler company, to manufacture the Mercedes Benz X-Class truck, but decided not to carry it out.

“The announcement reinforces the alliance and shows that it is stronger than ever. We are two brands that will compete in the market, but in production we are one company, “said Sibilla.

The incorporation of the new vehicle will be a boost for the Cordovan autopartists from the plant’s supplier belt, since both models of pick-up will share components.

“One of the components’ competitiveness factors is scale, and this announcement makes the greater demand contribute in this regard,” said Isabel Martínez, a local autopartist businesswoman and supplier of the alliance.

From the Union of Mechanics and Related Automotive Transport (Smata) they also valued the announcement of Renault.

“I’m very happy. It is an achievement that we have achieved thanks to the work of everyone, the effort of the workers, the union and the company itself, ”said the secretary general of the union in Córdoba, Antonio Quintana.

In terms of employment, Quintana pointed out that it will not signify the incorporation of more workers but it will end the rotating suspensions that for two years have been affecting nearly 500 workers.

Renault plans to resume its activities from May 18, when it will start its line of prints for export. Between the 26th and 27th it will add to the welding and painting areas, while on June 1 it will start with the vehicle assembly line. When this happens, 800 people are working.

Market 2021: 450 thousand units

The automakers expect more sales for next year.

With a projection of a 0 km vehicle market that this year could absorb between 250,000 and 270,000 units, automakers expect a strong recovery by 2021.

“We project a market for next year of around 450 thousand units, which will have to be seen how it evolves,” said Pablo Sibilla, CEO and President of Renault Argentina.

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