Record of additional “imported cases” in China

China on Sunday announced an additional 97 “imported cases” of the new coronavirus, the highest daily number since it began spreading data on covid-19-sick overseas travelers in early March.

The total “imported cases” is 1,280.

Furthermore, authorities said there were no deaths from covid-19 in the past 24 hours.

The official balance of the epidemic in China is 82,052 contaminated people and 3,339 deaths.

The covid-19 epidemic is practically controlled in China, where only two additional local cases were announced this Sunday in the last 24 hours.

The new patients are registered among the people, the majority of whom are Chinese, coming from abroad.

Foreigners residing in China for their parts are subjected to rigorous surveillance, particularly in Beijing.

Many foreigners verified on Sunday that the “health code” abruptly went from green (no problem) to orange (obligation to remain in quarantine at home).

This QR code that must be kept on the smartphone, generated by an application of the Beijing mayor’s office, is attributed based on movements in risk areas and eventual contacts with contaminated people.

A green code is essential to enter public offices or shopping centers.

A large number of foreigners residing in Beijing were affected by the code’s color change for no apparent reason, a diplomatic source told AFP.

A head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry told AFP that he was not aware that the authorities had decided to compel foreigners to remain in quarantine.

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